does anyone remember kt nelsons anger

i don’t think this is really a subtoot he was just angry a lot


also he REALLY made me overestimate the importance of ben shapiro dunks in making friends online

@format i think it's good that we can analyze the ways that other people were fucked up in the past and realize we don't have to retread that same path

@gayalien yeah, it’s not like you really could do what he was doing on here even if you wanted to

@format @gayalien

i tried to screenshot dunk someone on here way back in august and it set off waves of drama that didn't really end until february

@spookcentral @gayalien lmao one thing i wish people wouldn’t do is like, make sweeping assumptions about how masto is developing based on individual posts

@format @spookcentral #DamnItsTrue like i'm a piece of shit but that doesn't mean this place isn't good for other people to actually do good

@format lol it has no value and it is good we all learned that

@SanfordianPhil it seemed very salient at the time until you realized how most people don’t actually want to talk about ben shapiro more than once every three months

@format maybe staring into the abyss every day was bad, actually

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