sometimes milk is a little too spicy for me so i dilute it with some water

cancelled was named after canmpell’s s’oup

music with the beep? yes. sign me up

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could any on this site help me with my math homework?

i havent ever used the blob emoji carrying a heart, why? im worried it might get apprehended by the cops for whatever reason, and i do not want it to undergo a Cardiac Arrest

i do not want to make gross posts about poo and pee. i want the cult following without the self-abasement

drops boulder on body i have a crush on you full stop

need a discrete genre of music for the stuff they included with the Wii system menu & channels

“my posts are bad” hm no. only say that if they dont spark joy

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thanks to everyone who attended my cogiati score reveal party

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gender reveal party- exactly as the baloon bursts, a projector turns on to light the white smoke up with a moving image of Britney Spears in a peacock blue flight attendant uniform as the speakers begin blasting Toxic

as a younger child i made most of my friends by pouring fistfuls of sand into the community pool and inviting others to join in. does that still work?? i haven’t been there in a while

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