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ok heres just a regular psa: you’re never obligated to interact if you’d rather not. i’m just posting for one here sometimes. so that i can look back later and wince a little

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mfw I realize there are only like 8 pics of paul giamatti from ironclad online

thinking about making a spice girls playlist even though there are only around 9 spice girls songs total

when i was younger, we just threw rocks as soon as we saw them. no thoughts about consequence. you lost an up and coming uncle because of it, did i ever tell you that? don’t worry, he was weak anyways. multiple types

i always find lyricposting ineffectual but i would like to let everyone know i have a carly rae jepsen song stuck in my head

boosting again because my haters might be online. i need to tempt them

i haven’t said a single funny thing in such a long time!!!!!

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o-oh jeez sis these selfies, eye near-contact, boosting encouraged Show more

cute selfies sis, eye near-contact, boosting encouraged Show more

effectively pulling out of therapy by getting my licensed mental health practitioner so hooked on bripe that it’s all she wants to talk about

does the first post refer to the second one? no. it’s about my feelings

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