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food, shitpost 

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hey everyone wats goin on xdd

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i would fuckin die in any manner, no matter how gruesome, for mary-oh... put this in your sig if you would take a bullet or worse for this vaguely italian motherfucker

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sir, will you be checking that bag? it doesn’t meet the size requirements of our airline—oh, oh, you’re... you’re just going to swallow it whole like a boa constrictor. well alright then

kids, line up... we’re going to try a new game at recess today. the rules are simple: never marry an American woma

everybody wants to date but no one is willing to buy the requisite equipment (large spiked mace and airplane sick bag)

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I can say, at a 99% confidence level, two tailed t test (alpha = 1.96), that is statistically significant

bro.... don’t problematize me...... bro stop

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*coating myself in white paint* you fools. stop giving money to big sunscreen

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I don't know what emo was and at this point I'm afraid to ask

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list of known chief executive officers who pee skywards

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Mastodon isn't crumbling, and many blame bees putting it in the fridge

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@format two normal people: talking about where to eat in NYC

me, is nowhere near NYC: have you considered my Balls, boom gottem

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