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Remind me to go on a further rant about how parents, teachers, and society in general have drilled in the absolute guilt-trip of "think of the poor people who have it worse than you"

Always using that phrase to dismiss the discontented child's caring about a situation and yearning for progress

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"Nad, why do you like so much horror stuff"

Mostly because they're not as scary as the crushing depression and paralysis-inducing anxiety of capitalism and the structures that keep it stable n in power

plus, I don't simply like all/any horror. I'm no expert in the genre, but I know roughly what I like or what I don't

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So I have an alt @flootist

I don't know what content I'll be posting there. Maybe more sincere stuff, more connecting* with my Southeast Asian origin

* okay, I haven't left this country yet, but I grew up on a tonne of Western media as substitute for hands-on parenting. So I sound more American than the majority of my fellow Malaysians

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Nad's RadTown Intro 

I'm Nadiah, raised cis woman (and presenting that way in the Malaysian public); okay with "she/her" but prefer "they/them" at times.

I write fanfiction and original fic when I'm not busy with college. I play the by ear; I ❀️ & πŸ’• as well as the household's Orange Cat

Main personal values:
- consent and self-agency, trans-inclusive and sex worker-positive feminism
- mental health, disability, and invisible illness awareness and justice; strong prevention of abuse
- ecologically-oriented action; preserving and protecting wildlife because they are living beings on this planet
- capitalism is a fucking torture pit and should be dismantled sooner rather than later

@SeanAloysiusOBrien @triz ive got wayyy more respect for random kids that just spray paint their names than someone like banksy tbh. even if its bad. having grown up around those kids i kno they practice their letters and shit constantly. whos to say banksy pieces are more valid or deserving of that space.

Me when talking to leftists: anarchism

Me when talking to centrists, avoiding the word "anarchism" at all cost: grassroots consensus democracy

I iz noble kitteh. There iz plants, but me iz most pretty.

Hooman says pink flower is Lewisa and behind me is an Acer. But what about MEeeeee???!!!!

#Caturday #MastoCats #Cats #PlantCat

Amazing how Americans exporting "freedom" seems to always be followed by the liberated sending shitloads of resources back to the US

Everyone talks about Marx being an Antisemite, no one talks about how Emma Goldman was an unapologetic fucking racist.

Shit client: I dont want a cookie-cutter design

Shit client: *buys a theme to avoid paying a freelancer*

I think my boobs are much larger now, but then I might just be able to obscure their shape with even larger T-shirts and jackets

That is, if I still record videos instead of relying on audio-only-through-a-good-mic

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Years ago when I recorded videos of myself playing flute, I had short hair and wore a cap in one of them. My clothes were T-shirt and jeans, standard for me at any age

When someone commented "are you a boy or a girl", I just never gave an answer

At least, if I recall correctly

Earth is basically a planet of plants and microbes with some fungi. Also some other stuff which probably doesn't matter very much. 🌍

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A small reminder.

In ecology, biomass is a simple measure of how much there is of any type of living thing.

Earth contains 450 billion metric tons of plant biomass. By comparison, there's just a paltry 60 million tonnes of humans on Earth.

Humans think they own this world. But they don't.


Reminder: Springer has released a lot of digital textbooks for free in the last few months, and their special offer is ending on July 31st. There is no need to sign up to download the PDF and ePub files.

This lovely page has the full list of available titles:

so some folks treat black woman as subhuman, garbage, worthless.

And a great deal of the rest of people treat black woman as larger then life, invulnerable, invincible, infinitely capable and going to save everybody if you just stand out of their way and let them do all the work.

Where is the room for instead of sub or super to just be human?

I think I'm going to be moving over to my account more permanently. As much as I love radtown, it's been pretty unreliable lately and I think it's generally better for the health of fedi to exist on a smaller instance. Please feel free to follow me at @Aleums

many songs are easier to just play than, say, transcribe into music scores

why am I subjecting myself to this

I should find something that is like MuseScore but easier to use

So, considering what's been going on for the past few weeks, and much much longer on this platform, this video by Kat Blaque offers a great conversation about Performative Activism.

And if you can sit through it, and listen to your body and at which point you feel slight discomfort about the things she's saying, you can actually learn what things you need to improve on.

Some DHS creeps are whining that protester laser pointers have blinded them. I wish this were true.

sorry mr Reagan I will not de-Stalinize until you start decolonizing

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