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posting earnestly and sincerely 100% of the time, as a bit

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me trying to get people to pay attention to me on mastodon so i'll be less lonely

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Fantastic Breasts and Where to Find Them

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i would like to kill myself

spicy take about metafilter 

metafilter: it's like somethingawful if everybody on it were smug, pretentious middle-aged assholes

big big big burger big big big, big big big burger big big big, big burger, big, big burger

holidays are when i get bored enough to go on mastodon

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hi i haven't been on here in a long time

horse girls 

do they want to fuck the horses? let's be real here

Whence did you come?
Where did you go?
Whence did you come, Cotton-Eye Joseph?

loading loading loading
quickly reaching maximum capacity
warning warning warning
gonna short-circuit my identity

genital question 

like it kinda freaks me out just thinking about it. is that normal

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genital question 

am i the only one who REALLY HATES having their balls touched in any way? like, i can barely bring myself to do it

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