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imagine making a movie titled 'serenity' in 2019 even though there had just been one by the same name only 14 years earlier. imagine the chutzpah, the unmitigated gall

when i was a kid i thought that neon lights were super cool

and it turns out i was right

absolutely hilarious that the name of a deeply popular television show that has run for over 10 years is just called "modern family." give me a fucking break


yeah, we do scrum and agile. we have a standup and say we're doing sprints, but really we just do whatever work the PM dumps on us and says is urgent

this futon is so uncomfortable... i wish i could justify spending money on a comfy couch

life has been nothing but SHIT since I woke up.

me when it's 3PM and my brain has completely shut the fuck down at the grocery store

Grape flavor

weirdly sincere post about cats 

kinda want to start eating healthier and getting exercise just to prove that it won't make me feel any better to all the people who are always saying it will

subtooting myself 

very low quality content 

i was reading the wikipedia article about chernobyl before it was cool

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