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for employment purposes, apparently major depression is considered a disability. i have that, but i feel like if i were to call myself disabled, people would think i was full of shit

gross (seriously, and not funny), ph - 

i wish i could leave my cat alone in the bedroom for five minutes without worrying that he's going to eat the pillowcases

do not get the b52s started on shaquille o'neal. they love that guy.


would you do me the honour of taking me through this monkey rap?

i think all i need is a cable to go from the switch headphone jack to my computer's microphone jack

eve has inspired me. i wanna put up the songs i made with korg gadget. but i gotta figure out a way to record them from the switch

bros i just put up my beautiful album up on bandcamp. it is about 1 minute long please go listen to it and share. thanks

all 30 year old millennial men know is dril tweet, simpsons quote, listen to problematic podcast, eat peanut butter for every meal, and have depression that's never quite bad enough to make a fuss over

ohhhh neat...

you can get around New York Times' paywall if you use firefox, by opening the article and then switching to Reader mode (the page looking icon near the right side of the URL bar)

i did not know this before :)

annoying song 

its 6am i'm replying OK boomer to all my job rejection letters rn

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