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posting earnestly and sincerely 100% of the time, as a bit

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me trying to get people to pay attention to me on mastodon so i'll be less lonely

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what do you think is the most revolting euphemism for any type of genitalia?

a mushroom who betrayed the mushroom kingdom
one stomp and he dies

the rapture already happened but it was like 12 people and nobody noticed

sometimes stuff just don't make no sense

SURE i'm an unappealing actor in a bad movie, SURE

super mario world
it's a blast from the past
in super mario world
you've got to move fast
mario and luigi are doing what they can
yoshi and the princess are giving them a hand

tony nelson works at nasa
with suspicious dr. bellows
there is also roger healy
who would become howard borden
and jeannie always means well but they get in wacky trouble
she folds her arms and blinks her eyes
it's kind of like bewitched

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i am sitting on the sofa
there's a tv in the corner
i am watching major nelson
he is played by larry hagman
and he found a little bottle and out popped barbara eden
but she couldn't show her belly button
all she did was blink

i kinda want another cat... but this apartment is too small

horny season is the only time the fediverse is any fun these days


consent may be sexy but stopping to be like "wait, do you really mean that?" is not

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