Are there any good documentaries on RAF that are sympathetic to them. I have the book that chronicles RAF after the founders/most famous memebrs all died/were probably murdered

@wintgenstein I did! I was just wondering if there was something like 6 hours and dry and I could probably read this but I already ahve volume 2 on the shelf:

@spookcentral raf deez nuts (the red army faction, a group of west german militants who argued for (and often carried out) armed struggle)

they did this

@feminineforms @spookcentral lmao I thought this was about the royal air force and almost had a moment


ahh, so sort of like the weather underground if the weather underground were actually cool


well obv i dont know about any documentaries about them cuz i just learned about them, but if you find anything about them in German i can probably help translate it... sorry for making you do all this emotional labor

@spookcentral the movie the baader meinhof complex is good even though its ultimate sympathies lie with the reformists

@feminineforms I was really confused for a few seconds. Firstly because I couldn't believe anyone was asking about the RAF, secondly because every doco I've seen about them has been sympathetic, and lastly I imagined the founders of the Royal Air Force all got seats in the House of Lords and bullshit like that.

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