open source doesn't mean anything to me when I am code-illiterate and wouldn't have the time to read the code myself to make sure it's not malicious EVEN IF I were able to


linux is as much of a black box to me as windows, and what I have to rely on to assure me that it's less malicious than windows is a profoundly toxic community that's socially conservative at best and crypto fash at worse

@feminineforms loling while imagining a dude named Dennis getting red in the face at this

@feminineforms well this is true as far as undiscovered vulnerabilities go, but there's another problem with windows which is that it includes ads in the os and straight up collects and sells your personal information for ad targeting etc, which Microsoft does not really attempt to keep secret in any way.

this points to a more important difference between windows and linux than their dev communities, which is the question of who profits when you use it and what their game is


I think that I have a solution.

Open source: socially conservative crypto-fascist

Microsoft: openly supports government oppression, so not better

Apple: ditto

Everyone else: bit players

Fortunately, not using a computer is still an option!

@feminineforms I'll be honest, I *don't* know what Linux does.

but it has never taken me an hour to reboot.

@feminineforms (the replies to this are illustrative as to precisely how vulnerable their respective authors personally feel among right-wing communities)

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