There is a particular kind of man who masks his paper thin skin and enormous ego in "leftism" and a kind of faux-earnesty that just screams creep to me and it's baffling people don't see that

@feminineforms not everyone can see the aura, eleanor... it's called a talent, sweatie

@feminineforms oh gods, so much this. Leftist men will always get a side eye from me, it's used as a cloak for so much bullshit manipulation and an in for abuse, and there's always red flags aplenty

@feminineforms It’s not just a particular kind of man. The entire group of self-identified leftists is overrun by this kind of man. On Here it seems to be different but among the wider population polling data bears out that folks who call themselves “leftists” are mostly men. And I wonder if women leftists aren’t self-identifying as leftists because they don’t want to associate with Chapo types.

@feminineforms In the USA we are going to see the “progressive” Elizabeth Warren run against the”leftist” Bernie Sanders and their supporters favor different labels even though their policies are almost exactly identical. So it will be telling to see this play out.

@feminineforms Okay but I just looked up differences between them so perhaps it is more subtle than that! They are different in their basic assumptions which will guide decisions they make.

@feminineforms do you have some more specific examples of the behavior you're referring to?

@feminineforms i guess I am sheltered and lucky y'all because all the leftists I know are in my close friend circle and we are all soft fuzzy bois and girls who love and support everyone except for cops and the rich

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