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Your sun? Wack.
Your moon? Wack.
Your rising? Wack.

Me? I'm tight as fuck!

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they should do a story about a comic book character that debates the ethics of killing

i'd rather drink a cup of nut than soylent and this is not a joke

idk I can’t wait for your anniversary enema!

dick is good and that which is pure I do like some

LADIES I NEED YOU TO 'LEAN IN' to online sports gambling

planet earth 2 but it’s sara narrating instead of david attenborough

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i've been thinking about getting a pet!!! You will be doing during the trump administration

that's me in the corner
that's me in the spotlight
drinkening watah

eating a vanilla coke straight off the vine. truly, this is the lap of luxury

the us military is a criminal organization and should be abolished

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