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wow once a horse girl, always a horse girl! so majestic 💕💕

I'm so busy and sleepy... The worst combo :blobderpy:

ok here my im sick n gross but really digging how shiny my hair is selfie from earlier that no one could see bc knzk media servers were down but now are back up (no ec)

im not joking btw like one of the first things i picked up after leaving the vault was literally a propaganda poster of a red star smashing the american flag and the thing the player is obviously supposed to be taking away from it is that china is dangerous and caused the nuclear holocaust

fallout 76 is anti-chinese propaganda

unrelated, but it's also basically fallout 4 without the story which actually makes it better than fallout 4

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Apparently the CDC has just declared that all romaine lettuce, in any form, is unsafe to eat, so that's something

i love 2 things:
shitting from my damn ass hole

Tiny gazelle all nested in a pencil skirt doing pull ups on the top of the day

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