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News: the new Bolivian government turned its back on the cops and will NOT give them the raises they promised them when they were trying to get the cops to back the coup. 🤡:acap:

About a decade ago people were so passionate about anti-war/anti-torture efforts that even reactionary media like Law & Order can have an entire compassionate episode based on the torture scandal at Abu Ghraib, as compared to today where mainstream media more or less accepts the, "right" for the U.S. to torture, maim and kill people abroad?

That needs to change. We must keep the anti-war movement going.

@felix No, claro. Habría que hacerlo de forma clandestina. Además, su secretario general, Manuel Pérez Martínez, Camarada Arenas, al que quieren dejar morir sin atención médica, lleva encarcelado injustamente en prisión muchos años condenado a cadena perpetua solo por ser comunista consecuente y ser fiel a sus principios, por denunciar al Régimen fascista español y no doblegarse ante él, haciéndole condenar la lucha armada.


🙅‍♀️ stories about cops, pinkertons, fbi agents etc solving mysteries despite conspiracies of lies and silence
💁‍♀️ stories about trade unionists solving mysteries despite despite conspiracies of lies and silence

Schöne Werbetafel haben Sie da - wäre ja schade, wenn sie keine Werbung mehr anzeigen würde... #windows7 #infrastrukturapokalypse

homophobic language 

La guerrilla comunista filipina New People's Army, que lucha en Filipinas contra el capitalismo salvaje del títere de los EEUU, Rodrigo Duterte, se encargan de cobrar el impuesto revolucionario a los grandes terratenientes, con el que gracias a él dan de comer a los campesinos más pobres. Este año cumplirá 51 años luchando por la revolución y por liberar al proletariado y al campesinado filipino.

The #PinePhone is now shipping!

"There are a great many aspects of the phone that have been changed, improved upon and polished since the dev phones [...] such as tweaks to the antenna layout, PCB improvements and [...] aesthetical changes. [...] LCD and digitizer are sealed, so there is virtually no gap between the glass and the screen. The LCD used is also pitch black when the device is turned off as opposed to grey-ish or silver."

Investigation may be likened to the long months of pregnancy, and solving a problem to the day of birth. To investigate a problem is, indeed, to solve it.

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Unless you have investigated a problem, you will be deprived of the right to speak on it. Isn't that too harsh? Not in the least. When you have not probed into a problem, into the present facts and its past history, and know nothing of its essentials, whatever you say about it will undoubtedly be nonsense. Talking nonsense solves no problems, as everyone knows, so why is it unjust to deprive you of the right to speak? Quite a few comrades always keep their eyes shut and talk nonsense, and for a Communist that is disgraceful. How can a Communist keep his eyes shut and talk nonsense?

It won' t do!

It won't do!

You must investigate!

You must not talk nonsense!

distractionware » VVVVVV’s source code is now public, 10 year anniversary jam happening now!

Líbano lleva ya 91 días de protestas

Anoche los manifestantes comenzaron a focalizar su ira contra los bancos que restringen la retirada de capitales, destruyendo los que encontraban a lo largo de Hamra (Beirut)

Ayer hubo 59 detenidos y hoy ya van 30 heridos en enfrentamientos

I know that imprisonment will be harder for me than it has ever been for anyone, filled with cowardly threats and hideous cruelty. But I do not fear prison, as I do not fear the fury of the miserable tyrant who took the lives of 70 of my comrades. Condemn me. It does not matter. History will absolve me.

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