China has 1.4 Billion citizens. The Chinese Communist Party has 90 million members. This means there are 15.5 citizens to every party member. So you can imagine that almost every person in China personally knows a party member (or is even related to a party member). Do you really think this is how a dictatorship works?

Tell me, how many members does the governing party of your democratic, western country have?

nice this post also gave me the chance to block some reactionaries.

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@felix They don't get to, every four years, vote in a spectacle of "democracy" funded in its entirery by big corporations where they choose between two senile rapists therefore it's authritarian.

@jamesdemx great! how about you, do you personally know any members of the cpc?

@felix i think that people are more concerned about the chinese censorship, opression and concentration camps when they talk about dictatorship in China

@felix also fascist party had much more than 10% of population.
Anyway, apart from communist party, what about other party in China? How many members they have?

@bloved @felix vegetarians+vegans are at least 15% of the population… should we be worried?

@felix so you’re telling that the only party has enough people to watch and control other citizens. Nice dictatorship management

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