Peertube received around 27.000€ from their latest crowdfunding, but the lead developer thinks that I should invest my own time and money to implement working mod tools. Sure they have fixed some issues, but not nearly enough.

I wish someone would fork Peertube.

By the way, the issue that was closed as "irrelevant" is this one, which asks how to deal with Nazi instances. The answer from Framasoft seems to be "not at all".

@felix also loved moment when people here asked "will you pay a mod on your flagship" and they answered in lines of "it's not a place to make money" and I just can't.
Like, surely, it's a project by volunteers and whatnot but they didn't have to answer like that.

@charlag huh, that sounds like the discussion we had on the account. That instance is run by me and some others, it has nothing to do with framasoft. Unless you are talking about something else, but framasoft doesn't run any public peertube instance.

@felix uh, okay. I didn't like the response either way tbh.

@charlag the donations we receive just about cover the hosting for the server. If we received more money, we would definitely split it between the mods. I'm all ears if you have any suggestions for getting more donations (or other types of funding).

@charlag also, does your mastodon instance pay a salary to its mods?

@felix I'm the admin and almost the only user here lol

@felix yeah, I totally get it, I just think that the response should've said that instead of what it said.
And yes, m.s. pays its mods for example but that's an extreme example

@charlag and I think that people shouldn't have demanded that a fedi instance with 20€ per month in donations get paid mods. But yet here we are.

@felix no one demanded it, idk why you think that

@Niquarl @felix I don't think this was the question.
I also disagree that instance without signups doesn't need moderation, much less, sure.
Good luck.

@felix I'm happy to build and fix things like this, but we are not funded. we have a collection going, but it doesn't cover server costs yet. note that we run quite a lot of services apart from our feddy server: email, xmpp, web hosting, gemini hosting, shell access, git and hg hosting, pastebin, *DAV, and probably more.

in a recent poll the most demanded project was a good cross platform xmpp chat client. I have a pretty low opinion of peertube, but I'd be happy to whip it into shape in a worker-member capacity.
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