I wrote down a basic list of requirements for federation in . Its a lot of work, so if you are interested in a federated , we are happy about any contributions.

@felix if I can make a suggestion, a first thing would be to write down a mapping between the data model that lenny is already using and the activitypub generic objects. You might not need to store the whole json representation in the db.

@ekaitz_zarraga @felix I hear a lot of people being pretty happy about using Rust for web and other distributed applications.

@clacke @felix I know people that codes in C for web too. :S

I prefer higher level stuff like Scheme or so. I don't really know why.

@ekaitz_zarraga @felix I'd be happier whipping something up in Scheme too, and wouldn't reach for something like Rust until the situation specifically called for it, but supposedly Rust is pretty comfy as a high-level language with low-level control.

Personally I haven't even looked at Rust for real yet, I'm just going off what other people are saying.

@clacke @felix I took a look and I didn't dislike it. The thing is I have to learn a new syntax and ugh.


I'm going to have to agree with Claes here and say that Rust is pretty versitile in all areas of development. I'm becoming fond of the language itself, as well.

@ekaitz_zarraga @felix


I've been thinking about self-hosted git forge pros & cons. It occurred to me to see which Rust implemenrations there are? As best I can tell: None.

From what I could gather listening to Rust fan @zethra, web stuff in Rust is still pretty young, underdeveloped.

@ekaitz_zarraga @felix

@deejoe @clacke @ekaitz_zarraga

I do think that #rust for the web is promising whether in part or in whole. The async story in rust is still developing and until it stabilizes web frameworks are still in limbo.

@felix Do you have a high-level document about what it means for a link aggregator to use ActivityPub?

I appreciate why having a federated authentication protocol is helpful, but my experience of link aggregators hasn't left me thinking of them as stream-shaped.

@keturn I don't think we have such a document, but maybe @LemmyDev can help. Generally, activitypub should be able to support any kind of social networks (some just will be more complicated to implement than others).

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