It feels like this quote was aimed specifically at me. Something to keep in mind.

alt text continued: To try to convince them by force simply wont work. This kind of method is permissible in dealing with the enemy, but absolutely impermissible in dealing with comrades or friends."

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damn people are still boosting my self-crit from two months ago. if you read this, the lesson should be that there is nothing bad about admitting you were wrong.

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Quite the opposite of fascism!
I understand more and more what you meant "back then" (one hour ago 😜 )


Die englischen und deutschen Texte sind doch nicht identisch. Hier einer in deutscher Sprache zu China:

Wie die chinesische Revolution zugrunde gerichtet wurde

@columbidae its called tolino and is pretty good. but no idea if you can get it outside of germany.

@felix Apparently, it was bought out by Kobo :/

I'm trying to find a good ereader that isn't owned by either Amazon or Walmart

@columbidae maybe look for a used one. there is no need for any online services, i just transfer the books via USB with calibre.

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