@felix quick question what the fuck is this supposed to mean

@tifawt Western, non-muslim countries say China mistreats Muslims,bmeanwhile they are bombing civilians allvovrrvthe middle east.

On the other hand, representatives from Muslim countries visited China, and said that China's reeducation programs work well to fight extremism.

@felix 1. two wrongs don't make a right, China is still literally putting muslims in internment camps

2. if your trusted source for what works or doesn't work to fight terrorism is Saudi Arabia and Pakistan then buddy i don't know what to tell you.

also China has literally been denying that the camps existed for years up until very recently, no one's that fucking secretive about "re-education"

@tifawt Maybe inform yourself before you spread misinformation. Do you really trust imperialist countries more than those in the global south?

"In July 2019, the United Nations ambassadors from 22 nations, including Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Japan and the United Kingdom,[27] signed a letter condemning China's mass detention of the Uyghurs and other minority groups, urging the Chinese government to close the camps.[28][29] Algeria, Congo, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Iran, Pakistan, North Korea, Egypt, Nigeria, the Philippines and Sudan[30] are among 37 other states which signed a counter-letter supporting China's policy in Xinjiang.[27][31]"


@felix no offense but i vividly remember a short exchange we had where you demonstrated you knew fuck all about the middle east, so i'd like to give you the benefit of the doubt but HOOO boy, the fact that you're putting Saudi Arabia and imperialist countries in two different categories is just... read a book my guy

@tifawt you were the only one who talked about Saudi Arabia, I never once mentioned that country. Maybe read my previous comment, it mentions other countries than Saudi Arabia.

@felix Algeria barely even has a government at this point so I'd like to see which totally legitimate governing body wrote that letter, Pakistan is currently embroiled in a terrorism controversy and Iran obviously has reasons to counter U.S. diplomatic efforts (which i can't disagree with but come on), you're cherry picking information to fit your jinping fanboydom and are literally bringing zero counterarguments to the table

@tifawt But I guess this strawman is easier than admitting that Sudan or Nigeria are not imperialist.

@felix @tifawt Let it be. Western Marxists are so deeply fucked up, they will never understand. They will always see the global south as arretrated and inhabited by subhuman savages that must be civilized. Eurocentrism is cancer.

@felix Thanks!

It looks pretty bad, even if more governments support it than don't. Extrajudicial imprisonment is a bad look for a country as established as China.

This is assuming that it's really internment camps, which doesn't appear to be questioned in that article. Obviously I'm taking Wikipedia with a grain or two of salt. But based on that article it sounds a lot like GitMo.

I support deradicalization and re-education, I'm curious to read the letter(s?) written to the UN

@lesbianhacker I only linked the article for the list of countries which signed the letter supporting China. I wouldnt trust it for anything else. Sorry I didnt make that clear.

Here is an article an video about the vocational training centers, and a document with more links.



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