Things are going down on Stackoverflow. One mod has been fired, others have stepped down, and now there are calls for mods to strike.

@felix oh crap!

"I understand that Stack Exchange the company is under a lot of stress right now. They are transitioning to a new CEO and somehow need to finally become profitable"

Okay, no need to read further for an explanation.

@felix Isn't it fucked up that we have this purely professional tool, StackOverflow, on which the whole industry is relying, but even this small internal tool belongs to some fuckers who want us to pay or have the tool taken away.

How did we allow this... And it's not just StackOverflow, it's the whole StackExchange, a hundred communities and professions, all relying in their day to day lives on a tool that isn't planned or controlled by them.


@deltaidea The data is open, so in theory someone could take it and host it somewhere else. Or maybe a federated stackoverflow would be the solution. But that would be a lot of effort to develop.

@felix Yeah, maybe a non-profit like the Wikimedia foundation might work. How large are their costs?

I even think something like this might be the only long-term solution because there's no historical precedent of a company like this suddenly stopping caring about profits and listening to the community.

@deltaidea Wikimedia is also problematic in a lot of ways, so I'm not sure if that would be a real solution. No idea about their costs, but with the number of users they have, it would need some serious server hardware.

@felix @deltaidea the bit torrent network is more than capable of storing data at that scale. there are a handful of missing protocols, but they can be copied from other networks (tangles from ssb for example, mutable merkle trees from git, &c.)
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