Things that US-Americans seem to believe about other countries:

- every country works exactly like the US
- every other country is a shithole that has no "freedom"
- sweden is a socialist paradise
- venezuela was ruined by socialism
- every country they dont like is a dictatorship
- monarchies are cool, and somehow completely different from dictatorships

Apparently I am giving them too much credit. More and more I feel like US-Americans dont even know that other countries exist.

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Ironically, I learned that most countries don't work like the US when I was about 13, while my Dad was in the Army, and we were stationed in Germany.

...and I actually thought it was pretty cool. It was nice to come home after a couple years, but I loved being able to bust out and meet different people, see how shit works outside standard-issue suburban America, and it was a really cool time in my life to learn that.

@flugennock Honestly, I was trying to exaggerate most points a bit (including that one). So your reply lowers my expectations even more, and I didnt know that was possible.

Good one about monarchies, though. People romanticize them because of all the pageantry and glamourous fables about queens'n'princes'n'princesses and glitzy royal weddings n'shit.

@flugennock To be honest many Europeans think about monarchies in that way too.

@felix none of these are even exaggerations, let alone jokes

@felix the only monarchy i romanticize is the French one- especially how they all ended. I think that's an important part of any functional monarchy, guillotines.

@marnanel @felix oh Yeah, them too. Was just making a point with what was to hand

@felix Yes, Some of us really are that stupid. I blame the attention span. If they cant read it in 30 seconds they wont understand it.

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