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It feels like this quote was aimed specifically at me. Something to keep in mind.

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Its ready, my new instance, is open for registration. If you want to leave Github or just try something else, sign up!

Thanks to @melissasage for the domain suggestion :)

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Here are all the news bots I am running:

@itsgoingdown (English)
@telesur_en (English)
@granma (English)

@telepolis (German)
@derpostillon (German)

@telesur_es (Spanish)

one of my favorite things about wikis:
links are 3 different colors
- link to external webpage
- link to wiki webpage
- link to unwritten wiki webpage

The fact that the engine not only knows that you're linking to an article / page that doesn't exist, but can track these unwritten pages is something unique to wikis I think. So powerful! Wikis can count which non-existing entities are referenced the most, what's referencing them, so on and so forth.

Something metaphysical that I just can't put my finger on.

Here's the article where Britain murdered 1.8 billion Indians

Imagine defending Western foreign policy less than 70 years after a deliberate famine of Bengal by Churchill

Imagine being Indian - where the British are responsible for 1.8 billion deaths of Indians and de-industrialising India and looting the entire country

Arguing for "democracy" for Hong Kong which essentially means rule by multi national corporations that benefit the West

Its interesting how entrenched interests and fascists always have a different take then questionable leftists

Prominent fascists from US and Nazis from Ukraine have done HK tours

Waving american flags and burning Chinas

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Just saw an Indian fella call Hong Kong "a threat to democracy"

Lmao quite amazing

HK was a colony then a territory

They're run, literally, like a corporation

The "Chief executive" is elected by capitalists. Only 35 of the members of parliament are elected by universal suffrage

The other 35 are elected by Functional Constituencies (FCs) which are basically a handful of corporations

lol what democracy?

The British never gave HK democracy and they've never had it in any meaningful way

triff mich, wie ich diese Aussagen in hundertausend Tweets und jetzt auch Tröts variiere um vielen Menschen einen Anknüpfungspunkt zu ermöglichen.
Mit Nazis rede ich jedoch nicht.

Gosh, how I can even consider myself a leftist if I don't have strong opinions on mid-20th century Soviet politics???

people will call you a communist tankie for really any reason, so why not just fuckin lean into it

the idea that piracy is stealing because it's a 'lost sale' is cucked as fuck. like if i decide not to buy something i owe the company money for stealing it, buy electing not to buy it??

my stance on left unity is that if you would come to help me if you saw me fighting a cop or a regular nazi, then we're on the same enough side

holy shit, duolingo has an "incubator" where they ask for bilingual volunteers to help them build out new language courses???

like i'm not bilingual but if i was consider fucking paying me when you're gonna make money off of my work??? lol

harassment, block recommendation 

This sculpture is unique. As far as I know it's the only one in America that staged the fight to death waged by an Indian warrior and a Spanish soldier, which happened in this case during Pizarro's troop take of the Saqsaiwan fortress that defended access to Cuzco, the capital of the Inca Empire. The Indian warrior is Cahuide, the sculpture rises in Maca, a town near Arequipa, in southern Peru

if you ever want to know just how insufferable leon trotsky was in person just know that frida kahlo was getting dicked down by him on the reg and she emerged from the experience a committed pro stalin faction member

Ferner, wieso gibt es eigentlich nur eine Fahrerlaubnis PKW oder eben keine Fahrerlaubnis PKW? Warum keine Abstufung?
"Ey, du hast im Straßenverkehr richtig scheiße gebaut (Suff, Unfall, whatever), du darfst keine dicke Karre mehr fahren. Alles über 100 PS ist für dich für die nächsten x Jahre Tabu aber du kommst weiterhin zur Arbeit, zum einkaufen und in den Urlaub".

Führerschein Light.
Warum nicht? Wo ist das Problem?

Do you remember when Donald Trump said he would build a wall at the Mexican boarder and make Mexico pay for it and everybody laughed about it?

Well... turns out Mexico and Canada have closed their borders to the USA.

its cool how we are spending hundreds of millions of dollars on self driving car research when that level of funding and research commitment could massively improve public transit

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