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has been updated to version 2.0, but there is still nothing that prevents bots from automatically creating accounts. For a while now, I created accounts manually for everyone who asked. But that was a lot of effort, and I dont want to do that any more. So effective immediately, signups for are completely closed, and will remain closed until some form of captcha is implemented.

Here is an issue about this:

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Here are all the news bots I am running:

@itsgoingdown (English)
@telesur_en (English)
@granma (English)

@telepolis (German)
@derpostillon (German)

@telesur_es (Spanish)

a fave on something truly striking is a "wow, thank you for that, really, I'll take that in and apply it to my life, not something i think it's important for others to see, but totally something that's moved me to the core whoa"

[text description: ayothewuisback on tumblr

"White people's definition of racism is hurt feelings, instead of what it actually is, and that's [the] systematic destruction of an ethnic group.
Understand that, and then you'll understand why racism doesn't "go both ways."]

Everyone who knows anything of history also knows that great social revolutions are impossible without the feminine ferment. Social progress may be measured precisely by the social position of the fair sex (plain ones included).

    - Karl Marx, Letter to Kugelmann (1868)

#INPICTURES | The Bolivarian Alliance for the Peoples of Our America – Peoples’ Trade Agreement (ALBA-TCP) met in Managua, Nicaragua and agreed to take joint actions to confront and reverse the coup in Bolivia.


Terrible situación. Acá en #Temuco represión policial quienes meten las armas por las rejas de las tiendas y disparan a las personas refugiadas en las tiendas, tanto clientes como empleados y propietarios.

Estoy viendo un streaming que sugiere que dispararon a un niño que iba en bicicleta por Av. Caupolicán, y luego dispararon a la #CruzRoja que llegó a auxiliarlo. Anteriormente, provocaron un incendio en un local de comida rápida.

#ChileDespertó #chile #RepresiónPolicial

@nuel Hello. I am the CEO of Mastodon. I have instructed our Chief Technical Officer to conduct research into various failings of's business model, as well as our our Chief Financial Officer to conduct extensive market research into features missing from that could implement better in order to create a strong competitive advantage for the business.

- CEO, Mastodon Dot Com Ltd

PayPal stops processing payments for Pornhub models.

One likely theory is that it's to comply with FOSTA-SESTA ( )

Also likely is that PayPal, a private company, just finds sex offensive - which is a problem considering their position in the global economy.

My gf asked me to install #Linux on her laptop (yay!). It's Lenovo with Intel/AMD switchable GPU. After horrible experience with NVIDIA's Optimus I was a bit anxious but everything works without any issues. To use #AMD card for given program you just set env variable. Now I'm 100% sure my next GPU will be from AMD

Quoting the classics: #NVIDA - fuck you

El término “golpe” se refiere a la toma del poder político de manera radical por parte de un grupo que rompe el orden constitucional

Conoce el contexto de lo sucedido en #BoliviaGolpeDeEstado contra el presidente @evoespueblo 

@felix @CapitalistJesus

So much this!!!

Talk about what is going on in South America up here until it makes people's ears bleed and people start being held accountable. Also, because of what the American empire has been doing on in South and Central America for ages, we have an influx of refugees, let's fight to abolish ICE and frustrate deportations so the people who do flee to here are safer.

Also, let's have a federated solidarity between North, Central, and South American workers and build a unified working class that is stronger to fight to improve things for all of us!

As a broke white American, what actions can I take to help comrades in South America?

#Venezuela #Chile #Bolivia #SouthAmerica

"Carabineros obligan a persona a comer tierra y amenazan con dispararle en la cabeza. En el registro se puede apreciar como le gritan a esta persona que coma tierra, luego de esto lo obligan a correr, ademas lo comienzan a perseguir en motocicleta gritándole ''Corre conchetumadre o te pego un balazo en la cabeza''. Esto sucedió ayer en alto hospicio, creemos que estos métodos de tortura usados en dictadura no deberían seguir siendo usados en pleno 2019 y los responsables deberían pagar con cárcel."

#RenunciaPiñera #Chile #ChileDesperto #ChileQuiereCambios #EnChileSeViolanLosDDHH #MuerteALxsAsesinxs

#LIVE | Bolivian Foreign Minister @DiegoPary: The coup in Bolivia was not built on election day, but was already part of the right-wing agenda.

🇧🇴 📢 #EvoNoEstásSolo #BoliviaResiste #GolpeDeEstadoEnBolivia #GolpeDeEstado #Bolivia

♲ Miles de manifestantes en #Bolivia rechazan el golpe de Estado contra @evoespueblo…

A pesar de la fuerte represión los movilizados se mantienen en pie de lucha y exigen la renuncia de la senadora Jeanine Áñez, quien se autoproclamó "presidenta"…

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