They're also trying to make it illegal to expose war crimes, corruption in government, or do journalism whatsoever, further destroying the 1st amendment in the US.

A neofeudal plutocracy shrouded in an illusion of democracy, law, liberty, justice, and equality in the US, that has always been the case. The facade grows more paper-thin every day, and this case could fully shred it.

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aber es ging: das Thema wurde heute in der Tagesschau gebracht und dabei wurde der Ausschnitt aus seinem Video gezeigt in dem er sagt, dass CDUler lügen und inkompetent sind ...

Und dann zeigt die Tagesschau AKK wie sie hilflos sagt: er kann zu unseren Wahlkampfständen kommen und dort mit uns diskutieren ... über „unsere Fakten“
Anschließend kommt ein Kommunikationswissenschaftler zu Wort und merkt an, dass die CDU völlig falsch reagiert ...

jetzt weiß nun wirklich J e d e r Bescheid

Ich fasse also die letzten Tage einmal zusammen:

Reso kritisiert, dass die CDU Dinge ankündigt (z.B.Klimaschutz), aber dann nicht liefert...
Die CDU kündigt daraufhin ein Antwort-Video an, liefert aber nicht ...

Stattdessen äußert sich der CDU- Generalsekretär in einer Art und Weise, die an seiner Medien- und Digital-Kompetenz zweifeln lässt und liefert so einen erneuten Beweis für einen weiteren Kritikpunkt von Reso ...

Cognitive dissonance is being on the #Fediverse because it is decentralized and supporting a neoliberist institution like the #EuropeanUnion by denouncing sovereignists as nationalists who want war.

I will never understand how decentralization would lead to war. Or maybe the instances of Mastodon and others do cyber attacks on each other and we don't know? 🤔

From my office I hear the police shouting through a megaphone, clearing out the homeless encampment in the alley behind my building.

Meanwhile, the storefront across the street from my office has been empty for months, because the landlord raised the rent to a level nobody can afford. They'd rather keep it empty as a tax break.

Somebody tell me one reason landlords should get tax incentives for keeping rent ABOVE market rates, in a city full of people who need homes.


Re github, I have half a mind to sign up, with all funding (and their matching $5k) earmarked toward getting a lawyer to answer my questions about this TOS

This is the average culture on the Fediverse about politics, macroeconomics, Euro and the EU. All totally false. Fortunately where I live millions of people know that these things are false, I only read them from people in other countries now. Wake up people, you have an Internet connection to get informed.

Hab mal kurz dafür gesorgt, dass die CDU alle ihre raubkopierten Videos von ihrem Youtube-Kanal nehmen musste. wirkt. #ohtheirony

Der einzig sinnvolle Weg, wie #CDU (und #SPD) mit #ZerstoerungderCDU umgehen können: diese Liste abarbeiten

und dem @rezomusik im Detail nachweisen wo a) die jeweilige Quelle irrt oder er sie b) falsch interpretiert. Spoiler: das wird nicht so einfach.

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The European Parliament elections start today. But the body itself is an insult against democracy that exists only to rubber-stamp neoliberal rule.

#eu #euelections #jacobin

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Having been involved in the #FDroid project in the last 3 years I've used #Gitlab a lot during this time.

Not only do I find it more intuitive to use by now (and github is slowly copying features that gitlab introduced years ago), it also really makes a difference that the development of gitlab itself is open.

Got an bug/feature request? Jump into the issue tracker and help shape the discussion about it. Or someone might even jump in and provide an implementation for it.

I'm *really* not happy about the #Github #Sponsors project (
It'll bind a lot of open source project much more strongly to github's closed, proprietary ecosystem if that's where they have any chance of getting some money.

It's so hypocritical that soo many #FOSS projects are hosted on a non-free platform. With #Gitlab there's even a superior just as easy to use alternative there.

And most people are celebrating this move by github 😢.

Natürlich muss die nicht alle Parteien anzeigen, es würde ja reichen, sie zeigte die 8 an, mit denen man die größte Übereinstimmung hat. Aber dann würde bei den meisten Leuten die #groko-Partei, deren Horst bei denen Chef vom Chef ist, halt nur selten angezeigt.

Oh meine Partei verteilt aus Notwehr vorregistrierte Pre-Paid Sim Karten zwecks annonymer(er) Kommunikation da der Europäischen Menschenrechtsgerichtshof nicht zu Potte kommt. #Piraten

ICANN granted the domain '.amazon' today, rather than the entire geographic region of the Amazon Basin.

Acts like this are colonial, obviously, but also a slap in the face to early internet promises of global representation + shared power. Its really sad.

#GAFAM #GAFA #amazon

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The last post I received from Chris Webber linked to an update he wrote on HN that basically suggested MediaGoblin is a dead project. Which is a shame, because there's a need for a media server that focused on curated collections/ galleries (eg all the talk videos, photos, slides, and paper, from Conference X), rather than feeds (#PixelFed, #PeerTube etc). He also said the federation code is almost done. Is there anyone out there keen to take over as maintainer?
@falgn0n @selea @dredmorbius

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