Unfair of antifa to make my farts this stinky.

Wow, appropriating Polish Anti-Fascist graffiti work so your white ass can score left sectarian points... American as apple pie right there...

Doubly offended as Pole diaspora and a Leftist.

Real Train Talk: Since awesome disasters are in the news lately accompanied by chatter about evacuating a city, we all understand that the *only* way to evacuate an entire city is to ban cars and rely on busses and trains right? Like, cars by the force of simple geometry would turn every road, highway, and off-ramp into a parking lot if everybody tried to leave town at once.

Trains Are Life.

Serial harasser warning/ instance block recommendation 

Scientist: I just boiled water.

Me: Solid.

Scientist: Nope

Me: I mean, that’s cool

Scientist: WRONG AGAIN

The funniest thing about right-wingers is that theyll go on constantly about how everyone is too sensitive but then if they see a guy with pink hair they'll get so mad they shit their pants

anti-fascist mob, aggression 

In Kassel sind angeblich 8.000 Menschen gegen Nazis auf der Strasse.

Macht knapp 4% der dortigen Bevölkerung.

10% gabs in Kassel für die AfD bei der letzten BTW.

*slowclap* Mitte!


@favstarmafia Bäah, warum seid ihr eigentlich alle so nett beim streiten, das ist ja ekelhaft!

Open question. 

Ich fang mal an eine Liste der unerwünschten Dingen im freien Fediverse aufzulisten

Für die einen XMPP
Für die anderen Matrix

Was fällt euch noch so ein, was hier nicht gerne geschehen wird?

so apparently the US government "is monitoring the internet" because of the area 51 meme and there's pictures of the military being briefed on it

including this demo of a naruto run

Hammer and Sickle ☭ is good and we *should* use it.

Like, is it terrible that LGBT+ people (or, what could have been considered LGBT+ ppl if they were alive today) suffered under past progressive and socialist movements? Yes!

But they were doing that Literally Everywhere™ and singling it out as an issue with whatever socialist movement that was actually achieving something and not a systemic widespread cultural bias is insidious!

Attacking ideas instead of conditions, and believing history is static and not a material progression, is literal idealism!

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