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It feels like this quote was aimed specifically at me. Something to keep in mind.

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Its ready, my new instance, is open for registration. If you want to leave Github or just try something else, sign up!

Thanks to @melissasage for the domain suggestion :)

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has been updated to version 2.0, but there is still nothing that prevents bots from automatically creating accounts. For a while now, I created accounts manually for everyone who asked. But that was a lot of effort, and I dont want to do that any more. So effective immediately, signups for are completely closed, and will remain closed until some form of captcha is implemented.

Here is an issue about this:

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Here are all the news bots I am running:

@itsgoingdown (English)
@telesur_en (English)
@granma (English)

@telepolis (German)
@derpostillon (German)

@telesur_es (Spanish)

How much am I gonna hate myself after auto-converting an android app with 40.000 loc from Java to Kotlin?

Hat jemand eine Ahnung von Generalstreiks in Deutschland? Laut Wikipedia gab es in den letzten hundert Jahren nur so 4 (inklusive DDR). Im gleichen Zeitraum hab es in Spanien 16 laut Wikipedia). Und diesen Donnerstag wieder.

🎵 A la huelga compañero 🎵
🎵 No vayas a trabajar 🎵
🎵 Deja quieta la herramienta 🎵
🎵 Que es la hora de luchar 🎵

i need to take some pictures of the signs next time i'm out (most are in basque though)

there are signs for the strike fucking everywhere! this should be huge, i'm excited 😀 :hammer_and_sickle:

Next week, on January 30th, the Basque Country will hold a general strike asking for higher minimum wage, 35 hour work week and higher pension among other things. I will be there with my union (CNT), and hopefully post some pictures and experiences afterwards.

why is the mastodon search still so useless? i cant even limit it to my own toots.

the coverage of the coronavirus in the mainstream press fucking sickens me. there's an epidemic where people are dying and the press is concerned about how the stock market is reacting

capitalism turns people into such fucking ghouls

i swear to god russian is transliterated into english basically whatever way makes the word look the most scary and foreign

the weird thing is, i'm barely doing anything at work, but i'm still exhausted

some fun facts about USSR

- there was zero inflation for 40 years

- average vacation for workers was 20+ days

- highest income gap was 10 to 1

- there was no segregation, professors , nurses, plumbers, everybody just lived in the same housing side by side

- highest paid citizens weren't politicians or CEOs, it was artists, professors, writers, and scientists

»Getöteter Syrer in Haft: Gutachterin widerspricht Ermittlungen im Fall Amad A.«

»Unschuldig in Kleve eingesperrter und zu Tode gekommener Syrer kann laut Gutachten nicht verwechselt worden sein«

@freemo Ah yes, of course, the freedom to abuse other peoples rights is very important to uphold.

If you throw a breadcrumb in a pond, the biggest and strongest fish is going to get it, and become bigger and stronger.
If you throw money on the street the "toughest" gang on the block is going to get it and get "tougher".

In a world that is clearly and obviously dominated by proprietary software monopolies "I don't care, let anyone do what they want" is equivalent to "I love megacorps owning everyone left and right!".

GPL is not a license that grants you freedom in heaven, it's a license that fight for your freedom in hell.

solarpunk isn't real, sorry anarchists. sustainable technologies are a political demand not a lifestyle or aesthetic.

this general strike should be huge, there are signs everywhere, even at the door of my building

For the love of fuck a foundational understanding of harm reduction in the collection and use of personal data should be required before anyone is taught what a compiler even is.

"All religion is bad" says the ex-christian who has never stepped foot in a temple, synagogue, shrine, meeting house, or mosque.

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