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It feels like this quote was aimed specifically at me. Something to keep in mind.

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Its ready, my new instance, is open for registration. If you want to leave Github or just try something else, sign up!

Thanks to @melissasage for the domain suggestion :)

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has been updated to version 2.0, but there is still nothing that prevents bots from automatically creating accounts. For a while now, I created accounts manually for everyone who asked. But that was a lot of effort, and I dont want to do that any more. So effective immediately, signups for are completely closed, and will remain closed until some form of captcha is implemented.

Here is an issue about this:

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Here are all the news bots I am running:

@itsgoingdown (English)
@telesur_en (English)
@granma (English)

@telepolis (German)
@derpostillon (German)

@telesur_es (Spanish)

My dad took a vacation down south when he was a kid. He distinctly remembers seeing signs that said "No dogs, No N*****s, no Jews." My mom got called "Christ Killer" by a pair of bullies who chased her around her neighborhood when she was a kid. And yet they raised me to believe that antisemitism was not a problem in the United States.

One of my former coworkers / supervisors (relationship hazy) used to go on about how China was spying on everyone through computer chips and cell phones and every time I'd be like... what are they going to do? assassinate me? the US government is infinitely more relevant

and she'd just bluster and we'd never get anywhere

china bad, war on terror good /s


why is it so hard for leftists to understand that your own government is more dangerous to you than a foreign one lol??

china didn't do COINTELPRO

Who do you prefer to have all your data?

Continually insisting “Britain isn’t racist” is racist in itself because you’re dismissing and diminishing the lived experiences of non-white people as well as the history (and current policies!) of our incredibly racist country.

get the whole fuck ass out of here you lmfao i hate the game industry.

Anett Selle von der Taz:

"Meinung: #RWE geht es längst nicht mehr nur um Braunkohle, sondern um Eigentum an freier Fläche, die man sich später als Gewerbegebiet in der Region vergolden lassen kann.

Milliarden Euro Steuern an Entschädigung kommen oben drauf."

#hambibleibt #AlleDörferBleiben #alleGegenRWE

Lange hat sich dies bereits abgezeichnet.
Viele redeten darüber, leider keine Überraschung. Jetzt ist es bildlich festgehalten worden -Lokale Presse DZ.

Der Wald ist bereits durch das Abpumpen ausgetrocknet, jetzt rückt die Gewissheit immer Näher -er soll kippen :-/
Der Plan sieht vor, dass der #hambacherforst als Insel im Loch entstehen soll. So sieht "Erhaltung" aus.

Die Spaltungsversuche durch RWE/Regierung sind ein weiteres Armutszeugnis.
#AlleGegenRWE #AlleDörferBleiben #hambibleibt

i love it when American shitlibs extoll the virtues of capitalism citing the World Bank in poverty reduction around the world

To clarify thats an American quoting the World Bank -

An american institute used as an economic weapon to force debt slavery on other countries and when they cant pay the debt back the World Bank goes, 'well youll need to privatise your land and national resources'

Which the World Bank pulled out their arse the figure of living under $1.90 constitutes poverty

Reminder that this is what my laptop looks like and every time I'm in a meeting I force some middle aged business manguy to look at it for hours.

| #BOLIVIA +militarizada |
Hoy 16 de enero. Grotesca movilización del ejército boliviano en el centro de La Paz, sede de gobierno, en las afueras de la catedral de San Francisco. En seis días, los movimientos sociales protestarán aquí contra el golpe de estado.

Tanta antelación en el amedrentamiento demuestra una maquiavélica intervención yankee.

If you want the Linux-circa-2004 experience back, just try Linux on ARM!

* everything compiles slowly
* distro-hopping to find better hardware support
* oops, you need proprietary drivers for that
* forum posts hold the authoritative documentation *and* code for your distro


Hemos abierto el registro gratuito a nuestra instancia de @nextcloud . Si no sabes qué es, vas a flipar. Es una multi-plataforma que comprende herramientas como una nube de archivos, un calendario, notas, encuestas, un mapa mundi y mucho más. Sin duda, la mejor alternativa a Google. Dentro de poco colgaremos una guía básica. De momento puedes registrarte y acceder al nextcloud de anartist en este link:

Lemmy Release v0.6.0 - Avatars, email notifications, and a lot more.

v0.6.0 is here, and we've closed 41 issues! This is the biggest release by far:

Another major announcement is that Lemmy now has another lead developer besides me, @felix Theyve created a better documentation system, implemented RSS feeds, simplified docker and project configs, upgraded actix, working on federation, a whole lot more.

#lemmy #activitypub #fediverse #reddit

Der notorische Lügner #ArminLaschet, hat auf Basis von Verhandlungen mit Bund und Kohleländer verkündet:
"Hambacher Forst bleibt erhalten."

Betont aber auch ,dass es bei der Stilllegung nur um Braunkohleindustrie handelt. Dass neue Steinkohlekraftwerke ans Netz gehn sollen bleibt verschwiegen. #Datteln3

Ca. 40€ Milliarden soll es dann noch als Geschenk für die Kohleindustrie/region geben.

Behauptet wird auch: Das durch diese Entscheidung: "Pariser Klimaziele werden erreicht".

Was passiert:
- neues Steinkohlekraftwerk
- dem hambi wird weiterhin das Wasser abgegraben (letzten Sommer hat es in großen Teilen des Waldes nach Herbst ausgesehen, überall fallende Blätter)
- Braunkohle wird weiter gefördert
- etliche Kohlekraftwerke bleiben noch mindestens solange am Netz wie viele von #fff alt sind.
- ...

Klimaschutz sieht anders aus.
Weder durch Polizeigewalt noch durch leere Versprechen lassen wir uns vertreiben.

if were talking about borders, and we're NOT centering what indigenous folks in the 'americas' want for their lands, literally wtf is the point?

::searches for old threads on blk/indigenous relationships to land and discourse::

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