concept: an anti-unicorn that has an angler fish lure doodad instead of a horn

update: it has been brought to my attention that capitalism

I am thoroughly disappointed in all of you

why do people sell and/or buy social media accounts
I don't have any edgy rebuttal like with my "it's not natural" post
it's just a weird concept to me

show me better boss music than My Innermost Apocalypse and I'll show you a liar

why are two of my posts so far about the word "metronome"

imagine looking into the mirror and being able to recognize the person looking back at you 🤪🤪🤪🤣🤣🤣

you ever just find out that the concert you're going to is 21+ exclusive the day of the concert
I'm finna throw hands with time itself who's with me

I want to read Onision's books to have a good laugh but I don't want to give him money

you ever see a video on youtube of which the very existence deeply perplexes you

why are memes in the format of text exchanges from the perspective of an a**le user 99% of the time

and then I see the one in a million grindr exchange meme and wake up in the hospital after suffering extreme debilitating whiplash

I don't understand the argument that "it isn't natural"
be it against being gay or trans or GMOs or dying your hair funny colors or whatever else
okay it's not "natural"
and that's important because????
like in terms of the gender/sexuality stuff, nature is wild
but for the exclusively human stuff like hair colors, so what if there aren't actually any people with green hair genetics out there?
they still aren't hurting you either way
you're just mad you're going grey you boomers

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