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On this Friday #CreativeCommons re-release, let's remember the unfinished demos, forgotten projects, and lost time you run through in music when you've been recording it since you were Very Young.

Most of these are instrumental, and there's some gorgeous stuff to be found.

- Bandcamp: osirissaline.bandcamp.com/albu
- Archive: archive.org/details/osirissali
- Blog: osirissaline.wordpress.com/202

#MastoAudio #CreativeToots #Music

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Breaks n Wobbles EP from Chaitu

Good friend of mine has put out this great little EP of weird club shit, he's unemployed in India right now which I'm sure you can imagine is a pretty shitty situation so if you wanna give his music a listen and maybe buy if you like it it'd help him out a lot

#music #fediplay #electronic #bandcamp #india #jungle #techno


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Some fresh 2020s Techno, House & experimental electronic music by women, non-binary & trans artists #music #bandcamp

• Zoë Mc Pherson – States of Fugue → sfx-space.bandcamp.com/album/s

• bergsonist – Middle Ouest → bergsonist.bandcamp.com/album/

• Ariel Zetina – MUAs at the End of the World

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// here we go for a new EP! Enjoy this collection of #synthwave tunes, the perfect companion for a lovely cyber trip if you're trapped in the current meatspace.

[ 3d63.bandcamp.com/album/analog ]

// free to give as usual, but with current situation and all my contracts/gigs cancelled (more or less my only revenues), I'll be endlessly thankfull to anyone giving something or sharing the link 💜

#music #mastoart #pouetradio #tootradio #cyberpunk

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Homeofficers und Quarantäniäri!
Auch heute gibt es wieder eine #CoronaKafferunde auf Discord. Der Server ist offen und alle ausser Nazis sind willkommen!


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I just got a nice “Thanks for buying our album” email from . This is why I love . Sometimes, you get to feel like you are putting gas in the tank or microwave burritos in hands of bands that you love.

Btw: check out Sasquatch if you have not.

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If you play in a band have a damn #bandcamp account. No matter how good your stuff is I will not go & create a spotify account for this. I want to pay YOU money for your #music - and I really love to have some FLAC files from you instead of some streamed bullshIt. I want to know that a real part of what I pay actually reaches YOU, the #artist, not just another "service" that will you pay a few cent because they get rich of your work. Give people the opportunity to support YOU, don't spotify.

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Band of the month: #SacrificiumCarmen

#Youtube (first album)
favorite song: 6. Verialkemia

#Bandcamp (second album, both releases are free to download)
favorite song: 7. Valonkantajan adventti

#Spotify (artist page, only has second album)

Currently my go-to band. This is your typical #finnish #blackmetal but in high quality and great atypical vocal performance. Fast agressive and slow moody songs included.

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Mix of two synth sessions. There's no form or structure, the sounds change but not much and the track's shape stays roughly the same. For 8+ minutes! 😱


#synth #bandcamp #electronicmusic #newmusic #improvisation #mastomusic #music #jam

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Band of the month: #Saor

#Youtube (my favorite album)

#Bandcamp (my second favorite album)

#Spotify (artist page)

The best #atmospheric #folkmetal / #blackmetal out there, from #scotland. Should be my second most listened to band of 2019 (after #korgonthurus of course). Their whole discography is excellent without a doubt.

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bandcamp is waiving its revenue share this friday, March 20

if you want to support artists/labels, they will get the full amount of any and all sales on that day


All the known Streaming portals are afraid of my music... Lol

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