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real talk for a sec rn but i rarely use mastodon because i only have like 2 friends here and feel alone

anyone know all the computer museums in the uk?

:blobsweats: just got asked to go shopping /w someone tomoz but idk cus busy

just woke up and its still night am actually upset

imma hate it when i have to go back to work

yo wouldnt it be funny if i set my avatar as doge ironically ofc lol

vent cus i lost my job over something dumb 

update bio because birthday was 5 days ago
im getting old

I have a phone with service again but the 2GB monthly is quite the pain in the arsehole

anyone know how to unlock a phone so my sim works in it??

expecting a call from work but my bloody phone is on the blink and my new one won't let me use my sim

:blobcatfingerguns: @ the cute girl who complimented me today, y-you too

idk if ill see her again

embarrassing question 

hey that abi girl is soft and i love her

mental health (-) 

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