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imma hate it when i have to go back to work

yo wouldnt it be funny if i set my avatar as doge ironically ofc lol

vent cus i lost my job over something dumb 

so u know how there are forms with gender identity and stuff on, had to fill one of those buggers out and put "fuck off" in the "gender assigned at birth" field and hhh im just a big dumbass;;;

update bio because birthday was 5 days ago
im getting old

I have a phone with service again but the 2GB monthly is quite the pain in the arsehole

anyone know how to unlock a phone so my sim works in it??

expecting a call from work but my bloody phone is on the blink and my new one won't let me use my sim

:blobcatfingerguns: @ the cute girl who complimented me today, y-you too

idk if ill see her again

embarrassing question 

is there such thing as a period tracker app because my diary just fills up quickly and i lose the last date fast

hey that abi girl is soft and i love her

mental health (-) 

kinda worrying about a friend ugh

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skidaddle skidandatory
your dick is now a mandatory

:blobcoffee: morning coffeeeeee

no work today so lazeeey daaayyy aàah

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is it gay to multiply? You're really growing in number. 😳😔

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