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update bio because birthday was 5 days ago
im getting old

I have a phone with service again but the 2GB monthly is quite the pain in the arsehole

anyone know how to unlock a phone so my sim works in it??

expecting a call from work but my bloody phone is on the blink and my new one won't let me use my sim

:blobcatfingerguns: @ the cute girl who complimented me today, y-you too

idk if ill see her again

embarrassing question 

hey that abi girl is soft and i love her

mental health (-) 

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skidaddle skidandatory
your dick is now a mandatory

:blobcoffee: morning coffeeeeee

no work today so lazeeey daaayyy aร ah

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> Once we are done with this we expect to go into hard maintenance mode fairly quickly. The reality is that is basically maintained by us and thus once we stop paying attention to it there is unlikely to be any major new releases coming out and there might even be some bitrot setting in over time. We will keep an eye on it as we will want to ensure stays supportable until the end of the RHEL8 lifecycle at a minimum, but let this be a friendly notice for everyone who rely the work we do maintaining the Linux graphics stack, get onto Wayland, that is where the future is.

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is it gay to multiply? You're really growing in number. ๐Ÿ˜ณ๐Ÿ˜”

casually talking about hammer map editor to a friend

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im here and ready to fuc I mean cuddle until we both fall asleep and forget why we are cuddling

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i rlly want cuddles too and this is an opportuity

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