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currently waiting outside a friends house for her to wake up

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don't feel bad about including donation links on your projects!! i donate to open source software projects that i use frequently, and i wish more projects included donation options.

i was told to post about this here because you might like it but back when i used to use gboard, gay autocorrected to gary and i was compeletely fine with it

I need me a girl to hold my hand and maybe another girl for the othrr hand πŸ’žπŸ’ž

"Gender roles are like preschool sand pits, All over the place and fun for the first 5 minutes but I get bored of it..."
said this to my girlfriend cus i couldn't think of a way to say it lol

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remember to be awesome today
and love your friends

Running a prod server in your guest bedroom

Dedicated 2 rooms of my house for server handling and soon to move the prod server to there, Currently waiting for the business network to be activated and an extra fiber line put in.

Finally i have internet and a desk to sleep on because apparently i just lay in bed to use my laptop lol

Settled down into new house but no internet yet sadly

Going through old download folders from 2006 and finding DOOM

moving in a new house with my girlfriend on monday and im seriously excited to get *our* own house

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OMG !!!!

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