anyone know some good (cheap or free) vpn's that i can use to connect to cf because somebody keeps getting popular sites on cloudflare ip banned

@cccam like uhm few quid a month so like under £10

@fade I use Mullvad which is $5 a month. No fuss, no changes in price or different levels, and it works really well.

re: vpn suggestions, wall of text 

@fade Windscribe has a 10GB free plan, Paid is $1/month for a single location, It also has student discounts.

If you want privacy orientated and free try riseup's vpn, If you find it useful and use it, I'd recommend donating as it is required to keep their service alive.

If you don't care about personal data... nordvpn

re: vpn suggestions, wall of text 

@BraixenIRL mite try out riseup first i guess and if that dont work imma jus like get one month of windscribe

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