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I need a good pinned toot, Oh yeah
Make πŸ‘ Backup πŸ‘ Accounts

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I'm Jess/Jessica/Fade, Age is on my account labels, Mirei Hayasaka is my waifu,
I've use Debian as a daily driver since 2007 and Slackware 2002-2007,
I'm not exactly the smartest of people but I can balance a spoon on my nose

Settled down into new house but no internet yet sadly

Going through old download folders from 2006 and finding DOOM

moving in a new house with my girlfriend on monday and im seriously excited to get *our* own house

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OMG !!!!

im mega gay

now i have your attention how do you deal with anxiety of meeting new people

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What is it with all my friends with Source and GoldSrc, So many mappers, speedrunners and nerds everywhere

I don't get how people toot so much I can barely think up this toot

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Going to bed I hope i don't forget about this again lol

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thinking about doing that thing trans girls do where they make a post that just says "im gay." idk havent decided yet. will be sure to keep everyone up to date.

Looking for friends to have a fun time tomorrow, As in talk about stuff on discord or whatever, I rarely leave my comfort zone and haven't really made friends for a few years

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Sonetimes you forget about something but suddenly remember
Well I remembered about the fedi,

how do you even approach people on the fedi

I should use social media more but I feel uncomfortable and stuff

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