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I need a good pinned toot, Oh yeah
Make 👏 Backup 👏 Accounts

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I'm Jess/Jessica/Fade, Age is on my account labels, Mirei Hayasaka is my waifu,
I've use Debian as a daily driver since 2007 and Slackware 2002-2007,
I'm not exactly the smartest of people but I can balance a spoon on my nose

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consider the following

please do im lonely

yellow pages left in the sun so all pages are actually yellow

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i have cried once today as i dropped a slice of pizza

Just got notice I have to go to work 1 hour early tomorrow.... so I have to wake up at 4am

Imagine the year is 2019 and we have self driving cars, Wait

Working on sundays 6am-3pm is not fun, The breaks are the best bit of the day, I'm home anyway :blobcatbreadpeek:

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im gonna singlehandedly kill every single bee. Fuck You And Fuck Da World

I don't understand how all trends change every 30 minutes lol

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Is there a CVE to NSA codename generator yet?

CVE-2018-12130 is utterly meaningless to humans, but

CVE-2018-BLUE-HADES would be way better.

Sometime i just want to look at silly exploits and start CVE tooting but idk

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i think every trans girl who can read this and every transgender person in general is completely valid and i hope you have a wonderful day doing whatever it is you do or dream of doing
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