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Keybase verification saltpack 

BEGIN KEYBASE SALTPACK SIGNED MESSAGE. kXR7VktZdyH7rvq v5weRa0zkRU2FuU 2ebH63rYxF3h7C6 a3P2P8aoyQCKZH5 eif09CN1tlW5mYH E9MLfhcDvzuyAUc aYI5arr2EbocRlG jxoBNfGVwxolWmc 2KzXmYAfWcbgDFb wAZXJTBAvYnXgVt BmPIUOpJmApmSRB Lb7hRJrdoEo8g5W JEdNjdsEG1m1Ria 9MOlKWaoazIbUO0 5BydB1767DqrABP h9X8RiyHMMozapN W. END KEYBASE SALTPACK SIGNED MESSAGE.

im suprised isn't down yet honestly

future proof your friends by group uploading your minds to machines

fuck gender and pronouns all my pals use serial numbers

does anybody know good custom printing sites that allow you to put *anything* on a mouse mat that is cheap, want to gift a friend something

this sound stupid silly but does anyone here make minecraft skins cus there are no good hayasaka mirei ones

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anyone know some good (cheap or free) vpn's that i can use to connect to cf because somebody keeps getting popular sites on cloudflare ip banned

I made a joke about toast a while ago and it has became my life;;;; I love this ;

gross lewd question 

does foreskin grow back or like slide back on

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is there a distro that isn't based on ubuntu and doesn't require any upkeep?

is there a distro that isn't based on ubuntu and doesn't require any upkeep?

how to get into using socials like here

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@fade I kinda have a love-hate relationship to masto and birdsite and have fair usage between both

I really want to get into social media again, But moderation on any platform is so buggered it actually feels like a piss take

anybody else have people call you cute and buy you food/deserts in resturants, i cant turn down free food but i find it creepy asf

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