Unironic post:

please don’t fall trap into that terrible normie hive mind thinking of: “your real friends will contact you during these times” or “cut off those so called friends who haven’t sent you a text” or other cringe crybaby advice on the internet.

Bitch the whole world going through shit right now, some worse than others so they can’t send you a dumbass meme right now chill


cut my life into pieces

this is wii sports resort

thinking about the short 90s leonardo dicaprio phase i had after watching the 1996 romeo and juliet film in english class

in other news, my main music rotation as of late has been pantera and garbage.
love shirley manson's voice <3

haven't been on here in a while
hope everyone is doing well during these crazy times <3
also, W A S H Y O U R H A N D S

ambrehhh/amber is a scene queen icon and no one can tell me otherwise.
heyo! just came on here 2 say i made a nirvana shrine! (-:
i also made a few other updates to the site if you guys wanna check it out <3


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