Ok i think she’s gone... quickly. before she comes back. it’s an Eve Appreciation thread. no one tell her we’re doing this just say why you like Eve

@evan i greatly respect eves meme photoshop abilities. also the way her posts summon fools and normies onto the tl so we can dunk on them

@pizza agreed. i'm still laughing over the one she made that was like twin fantasy inception

@evan Eve is great! She's like the platonic ideal of everything you could ask for in an internet person. She has a wonderful sense of aesthetics along with being funny and clever and has introduced me to a lot of music I wouldn't have known without her

@SunSaint yes! that acetone compilation album she always talks about is real good

@evan eve is like one of those The Bee Movie But Every Time They Say Bee It Speeds Up videos, but of the 24/7 Chill Lo-fi Hip-hop Beats To Study To stream

@evan she posts some of the most hilarious but also most accursed things on this entire platform, but really, what would the fedi be without that kind of ?

@evan eve is great! I love her passion for music, bold critiques, commitment to Mastodon, willingness to give things a fair shot, and nearly-ungraspable sense of humor

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