100 Boosts and Larry Watches The Purge Movies. let’s make it happen

which one should Larry watch? sound off in the comments (do NOT vote for Election Year or the TV show it definitely won’t be either of those)

20 Boosts, folks! we’re 1/5 of the way there!

33 boosts 1/3 of the way to larry watching the purge

@evan let's do this people.

(Larry's a coward. if he were really about this life he would do it for 50)

@illnessideology @evan
well look how 50 went with the Star Track bull shit, that was done in like 4 hours

@evan @illnessideology
tonight i have to watch an ep of deep space 9 because @Taweret amassed her Star Track army to get 50 boosts on a petition to do so

@larrydavis it’s my least favorite of the series and i wouldn’t watch that one before Anarchy because some characters carry over

@evan okay

isnt the first one just a standard home invasion thing though, seems like that would be the one that doesnt fit the rest of the series from what i understand

@larrydavis the first one is set inside a single house, the rest are mostly set in multiple locations. they all have a different setup though and it isn’t too out of place

@larrydavis @evan larry watch Purge Election Year. there's a magical Crip whistle and this is not a joke

@realtoddhoward @evan if that post gets 100 boosts sure, and if thats what evan decides (but he said it wont be election year)

@evan The First Purge or whatever it's called. the origin story one

i say anarchy. i think that's what most people were expecting the first movie to be.

@horrowfide hmmm part of me wants to give him the purge 1 but it isn't really representative

yeah it's more of a slow burning thriller and doesn't really make much of the sociology and politics of the purge like the others do.

@horrowfide no he always says he doesn't like home invasion movies. right now I'm leaning towards The First Purge and the popular consensus is Anarchy

yeah i've changed my mind, i think first purge has the best (albeit still very slim) chance of maybe convincing him to give the other ones a try.

i mean if i was him i would simply binge all of them chronologically, twice.

@horrowfide first time in release order second time chronologically

@evan I logged into .social for this. the last time I did that was before bofa

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