@Jessicacrets the only other person with 100% correct movie takes

@evan @Jessicacrets
if you get 100 boosts on a "petition to make Larry watch a Purge movie" i will do it but it has to be available on a streaming platform i subscribe to because im not gonna pay money

@larrydavis @evan I will give you the 3 or 4 dollar it costs to stream it on the site of your choice

@Jessicacrets @evan
this is not because i dont have the money, its an ideological stance

@evan @larrydavis wow evan what an honor, I feel sorry for the rest of these jokers

@evan thanks for including me in the ff for good takes. my take is that pontypool and tangerine are both great.

@evan hey man thanks for the shout out I really appreciate it

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