how did we ever let that dude boss us around. lmao

@illnessideology ME, Tooting: damn it’s almost Chanukah. time to bust out the dreidels
SELFAGENCY: here are some historical facts about the origin of dreidels that I took from an article I wrote on The Forward. also please CW curse words

@evan @illnessideology its really great how he's the platonic ideal of a pointdexter...i guess being forced to ragequit your instance is being shoved into a locker

me: here’s a bunny with a photoshopped gun
SA: please cw violent imagery and swears

@evan i forgot he spelled cancelled like that. now i hate him even more

@citrustwee remember the way he capitalized the instance name? just the worst

@JohnBrownJr @evan he changed it to BOFA.LOL out of nowhere once and after like 2 weeks of me whining about it he changed it back

@citrustwee @JohnBrownJr it should have been but for some reason he had

@evan @citrustwee Capitalizing Every Word Makes You Seem More Professional.

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