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under communism, we will all collectively own the libs

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mother. tell your children not to walk my way. and as you walk on by. will you call my name don’t don’t don’t don’t don’t you (ba dum ba dum bum) forget about me

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going to start the hashtag to describe the things us Florida white boys like to do

before i peace out follow @HYPERLINK for some sweet thoughts, coffee discourse, and pictures of bowser.

also i live with him and we never shut up so there's a decent chance you'll get some sel quotes or bits or something

my professor, possibly the smartest person i have ever met, makes eye contact with me at the end of the class on postcolonialism and ideology.

"you might have heard of this thing, hyperlink. it's sort of a meme."

me: "what is it"

"it's called happiness."

she was referencing a youtube video but for an instant I honestly thought Iw as about to fucknig die

remember how 358/2 just put a moogle in a fucking Organization XIII outfit to explain how Roxas buys items

i want him to be the true master xehanort

Live The Straight Edge Lifestyle
Do Not CHEW Gum.
Your Body Does Not NEED That Sh*t.

Romaine Reigns: I’m not a good guy, I’m not a bad guy, I got E. coli

[shitty clickbait voice] everything you need to know about Dark Millennials

IS Herman Evan's daemon? And if so what does it say about him to have a cockatiel as a daemon?? Tune in at 7 to find out more

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