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Fantastic Beasts IV: From Fear Through The Eyes Of Basilisk

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get ready, Mastodon! starting tomorrow, and ending whenever I feel like it, I’ll be sharing some of my favorite kernels of wisdom from Dr. Myles H. Bader’s Ultimate Household Reference Guide!

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selfie with eye contact, please boost Show more

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mother. tell your children not to walk my way. and as you walk on by. will you call my name don’t don’t don’t don’t don’t you (ba dum ba dum bum) forget about me

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going to start the hashtag to describe the things us Florida white boys like to do

interesting to me that a lot of my friends who happen to be women keep having run-ins with pleroman Nazis, while I've barely ever even seen one

my name is Zelda and I’m here to say
this is my Legend in a major way

@notTheEnemy837 hello, my sweet prince. Good morning, my darling husband. Do not listen to the haters... I still love you my best friend

tired of blocking the weird incel blog guy every time he makes a new account? all you have to do is add a filter!

1.go to preferences and select "add new filter"

2. type in "" and copy all of the settings in the second screenshot. make sure to uncheck "whole word"

3. everytime a toot has the name of that blog somewhere in the post it will show up on your timeline as "filtered" like the third screenshot.

(this does not block the account he is spamming from)

"too Jewish" is a running joke in Hollywood because despite the large number of Jews in the industry, actual authentic portrayal of Judaism is fairly rare; any such ideas are generally dismissed that way

Anyone here know why millennial women have a “daddy’s little princess” complex? Is there any account or strangely named website I could turn to so I can discover the truth? Anyone at all?

hey can y'all watch my glass of pee while i'm gone for a bit? gonna go to bed. thanks in advance. glad i got such a good community to take care of my stuff. goodnight!! im clockin out

has anyone watched the new arrested development episodes? were they good or bad or what?

Grimes is hot, yes, but I would not fuck anything that Elon Musk has put his penis in. That means I won’t be having sex with a Tesla

@evan schitt's creek just got renewed for a sixth season, this will be the last one. apparently it's the Levys' decision

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