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Fantastic Beasts IV: From Fear Through The Eyes Of Basilisk

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get ready, Mastodon! starting tomorrow, and ending whenever I feel like it, I’ll be sharing some of my favorite kernels of wisdom from Dr. Myles H. Bader’s Ultimate Household Reference Guide!

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mother. tell your children not to walk my way. and as you walk on by. will you call my name don’t don’t don’t don’t don’t you (ba dum ba dum bum) forget about me

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going to start the hashtag to describe the things us Florida white boys like to do


@evan @cosmicevan barricade from the og cartoon is one of the only halloween costumes i remember. i wore a carboard box and had one blue and one red balloon tied around my head

Checking out my noties on this account and apparently i missed a hell thread? What year is it, 2018?

[old town road remix of get low by flo rida] boots with the spurs (with the spurs)

@evan michael jackson: (moonwalks towards the pearly gate)
st peter: what hte fuck. what the fuck

if chucky, the doll from the Child's Play movies, was real,
I think he'd be secretary of state

SORA: What the... could it be...
DONALD: I can't believe it...
GOOFY: It is...
ALL, IN UNISON: Grammy nominated recording artist Jordin Sparks!!
JORDIN SPARKS: Wow, thanks guys! I'm really happy to be here

In the year 2009 over 30% of all political cartoonists contracted carpal tunnel syndrome, or experienced similar symptoms. The reason? They all tried to draw the same cartoon of Michael Jackson moonwalking into heaven at the same time. and they all went too fast. some even ended up in hospitals. this shit isn’t a joke

@HYPERLINK you pitched an Alvin and the Chipmunks episode in which for no cited reason they attempt to make it safely down an interminable pit in the Earth and fall down, one by one, like a retelling of the Sisyphus myth by Kafka. I just want to know that you're going to be okay?

an episode of alvin and the chipmunks where they are forced to try to venture into a long, dark, deep hole in the middle of the ground. the hole is steep and wide, with craggy and unstable walls. the chipmunks know they have to try to climb to the bottom and keep saying things like "im scared" and "this is so dangerous". eventually, one by one, they fall in

idk why i wrote this but its in my heart. simon falls in first and theodore cries

Whenever You See Fit has got to be a top 10 Modest Mouse song

Also shout out to the dude who said his main hobby was philosophy. I told him I had not read much and asked him for recommendations, and he told me to "check out stuff like this" and linked the wikipedia page for "Philosophy"

party in a couple weeks at my place. my parents will be out of town. Herman is getting us drinks

091618 is now my phone password as a tribute to the day. if anyone wants to hack my data go for it I trust you guys 🧡

It’s almost been a year of Masto... the wave I rode in on was on August 16, 2018

Thinking about that passage from Hitchcock/Truffaut where Hitchcock talks about shooting a water scene in an early movie. The girl couldn't do it because she was on her period and Hitchcock had no idea what a period was. Two dudes had to take him aside and explain it to him.

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