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Fantastic Beasts IV: From Fear Through The Eyes Of Basilisk

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get ready, Mastodon! starting tomorrow, and ending whenever I feel like it, I’ll be sharing some of my favorite kernels of wisdom from Dr. Myles H. Bader’s Ultimate Household Reference Guide!

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mother. tell your children not to walk my way. and as you walk on by. will you call my name don’t don’t don’t don’t don’t you (ba dum ba dum bum) forget about me

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going to start the hashtag to describe the things us Florida white boys like to do

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This petition to redo gamer thrones season 8 quotes the fucking Heath Ledger joker and I’m convinced it’s just an elaborate @evan troll

brooko is like that cousin where you gotta pretend you don't have a favorite but she's definitely your favorite

Many fans wrongly believe that Yoko Ono ruined the band. However, it was Mark David Chapman who actually had the most negative impact on the Beatles’ career

Hi friends!! I’m selling prints of my most recent digital collage! They’re $10 shipped domestic (USA), DM me if you’re interested :) Please support... a boost is amazing too!! Much love!!!

If you’re Robb Stark there is a wolf outside of you

inside you are no wolves. just a bunch of organs and stuff. you wouldn't be alive if you had wolves inside you

Someone tell CJ to unblock me. it was funny but I want him to see my Tron toots

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Dear uptight admins: I don’t care if you were here first. I don’t care what friends you have running instances across the Fediverse. I don’t care what your established norms are. You’re not my fucking ruler and you’re not going to silence me nor chase me away for not submitting to your illegitimate authority. If you keep it up, just know you’re ensuring that you come out looking like the asshole here, not me. In the end, we will eclipse you.

my goy nephew accidentally wrote The King Of Carrot Flowers, Parts 2 and 3

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