If you wanna see Keanu Reeves flip people over and shoot them in the neck, it's one of the three best movies where he does just that.

I didn't wind up watching Gamera but I did download Bubsy 3D and Austin Powers Pinball so you know it was a wild night.

I haven't been on Mastodon in a minute so here's an update: I'm gonna try to watch these old Gamera movies tonight.

If y'all are following me after I sent a whole bunch of y'all a mass-message about scuttlin' over to this account - thank you, you're very cool and nice :blobmelt:

Knzk isn't working so I'm here to say: I ordered Umihara Kawase and feel I'm one step closer to closing out my Super Famicom collection.

So Spider-Man swings around with a pizza gut and everyone swoons, but I do the same thing and people are all "sir this is an elementary school playground, you need to leave"

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Cruel of the PS4 Taiko game to make a K-On song DLC and not in the main roster.

At least the main game has Linda Linda!

Took these with the piss filter for full "oh god why is Nickelback playing in my head, why did the pumpkin bombs turn people into cartoon skeletons, remember how everyone was at the parade for a Macy Gray concert" effect.

Can't believe a bunch of nerds issued death threats demanding the suit from the bad Spider-Man movies.

I mean...I can totally believe it, but for this one? Y'all? Really? Really?

This and SARS Wars. Guess I gotta hunt that down, too.

I passed this bad boy up so many times thinking "ah, it's only $20 and it's always here, I'll get it next time" and then the video store closed and the DVD went out of print.

Righting a wrong committed by 20s me (and paying like a $30 premium for it, too, yikes)

It's a bummer that most folks will go through life occasionally grabbing their thigh and going "ooh ouch ouch, Charlie Horse" and I, suffering internet poisoning, will do the same, but say "ah damn...Beto got me."

Just Cause 4 is kind of a boring slog, but I appreciate the team's commitment to adding Easter Eggs most players will never see in way off places, or hidden in plain sight.

Applying to go back to college to get a computer science and engineering degree so I can figure out how to work RetroArch on this Shield TV.

Hmm thinkin' about draggin' my old tired bones to the theater to see that Spider-Man movie.

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