I have a special writing mug!
Someone tell me to get working, please.

Selfie, no eye contact 

Dragon wishes everyone would just eat a few brine shrimp and chill out.

Dragon the Betta! He gets more pugnacious every day. I swear, when I look into his tank, he swims over and flares, and starts yelling in Fish to get off his lawn. I love him.

Spent the past two days huddled in my house trying to keep from melting.

Dragon, the baby betta!

Two photos showing the difference after one week of being in a real tank and eating decent food:

Selfie, eye contact 

Over the course of the day, I might post little snippets about my cat, who passed away a week ago. I'll CW them ~Maven~.

She wasn't just a cat. She was my soulmate, and dearest best friend.

selfie, eye contact, lewd implied 

pet eye contact 

A collection of 1930s-1950s toy ray guns.
Space Shuttle Discovery.
Various space reentry capsules.
An early concept model of a space shuttle from the 1970s.

Mercury mission training boots.
Exterior of a satellite, showing its tiny solar cells.
Corona satellite rocket launch controls.
Old Univac computer.

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