Here's a kitty I saw in a neighborhood window.

It was sitting up and looking out. Then when I pulled out my phone to take a picture, it flopped over on the sill and rolled around, happy for attention.

In case y'all thought I was joking about "writing gargoyle" --

Here's Maven peering down at me from the top shelf of my desk, while I was doing NaNo in 2016.

Got me some Halloween readin'!

My favorite Discworld character is Death, surprising no one.

Painted my nails during the movie! Wonder if I'll have enough balls to keep even one of them black for work monday...

Selfie, eye contact 

More fish pix!

Betta (Dragon), guppies (Gwendolyn and Frederique), and Pristella tetras (the Mikes).

Fave and I'll tell them you think they're cute. 🐠🐟

The animation is actually incredible and kind of hypnotic to watch, and the story is super good and quite moving.

(If you do watch it, just know that most of the episodes after the second one are a flashback. That messed me up at first.)

I have a special writing mug!
Someone tell me to get working, please.

Selfie, no eye contact 

Dragon wishes everyone would just eat a few brine shrimp and chill out.

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