PSA: Don't forget to crank your car at least once a week.

Also, next time you get gas, check to make sure your tires are inflated. If your car ends up sitting around for a few weeks or months due to Our Current Situation, you'll want to roll the car a foot or two every couple of weeks, to prevent uneven tire wear.

Now might also be a good time to invest in a gas can, a few bottles of oil, and jumper cables. Before everyone else does.

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One more bit: keep your gas tank as close to full as you can. The more gas is in the tank, the less room there is for potential rust from sitting in storage. Rust and crap in the gas tank will harm the car when it's routinely used again.

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@erosdiscordia when we had carbureted motorcycles (which were much fussier about gas), we also got fuel stabilizer to toss in the tank during winter storage; put in the recommended amount after a top-off and let the engine run for a few minutes (usually we just use the ride home to stir it up) and it'll keep the gas healthy for longer.

(my partner parked for six months and the gas in the tank rusted and turned slightly gloppy and we had to pump it all out and dispose of it, which was a pain)

@erosdiscordia i had never considered it from this angle (only the "less flammable stuff left unsupervised the better it is in principle" angle), thanks!

also i'm still leery of leaving my car more than 2 days after one incident when the weather was wonderful and i had a bike and my battery died after 2 weeks of neglect...

@erosdiscordia cars are not shelf-stable, gotta drive them every once in a while to keep stuff from settling/sedimenting/drying out/etc

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