That Duracell product placement really fucked me up. Ofc, not as badly as Neo, but damn...

I still remember walking like one of those battery charged pink rabbits outside of the theater for the break, which came around this time. More or less.



I was going to ask--did anybody else walk out of the theater after this movie and look around, and the whole world looked instantly different?

Like, some movies change your worldview. This one was like flipping a switch, it was so fast.

@erosdiscordia @ella_kane We watched in college in the theater the day we found out that one of our hallmates had been killed in a particularly nasty car wreck. It was a day of changing worldviews.

@erosdiscordia @ella_kane It's a thing that happens when you do 80mph in heavy fog. It was awful and tragic but even then someone remarked that he'd been a dumbass.

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