If I could make a weird tech wish, I'd wish for a program or an app that would work sort of the opposite of an RSS feed.

Like, instead of sitting on one site and having writing pulled towards me by the feeds, I'd enter sites onto a list, and the program/app would cycle me through all the ones that had new content, wherever they were on the web. Whenever I was ready, clicking a little arrow would randomly take me to the next one on my list.

Does this exist?


I think everybody took a chance when they came onto Mastodon, or chose their instance. And some adjustment is necessary as you work out what you like, and branch out to try things.

I think the internet should feel like that again. Where taking a chance isn't a bad idea.

A system that rewards people for maintaining their own sites, helps people stay connected but only on their terms, keeps track of things but doesn't track *you* more than you want it to. We've learned plenty in 20 years.

@erosdiscordia I feel like the popularity of blogging and microblogging - social media in general, really - is that for most people maintaining a site carries (carried? Is it easier now?) too much overhead to justify the amount of content we'd put on it.
Though the issue you're trying to solve, getting traffic, is definitely relevant. But getting that overhead down to "trivial" seems necessary.

@erosdiscordia I gave up maintaining my own website with more and more restricting and even dangerous EU laws that might or might not be applied to my private websites. There's a law that you need to put down your address. I didn't want to make it more easy to doxx me. Yes it's only for commercial sites but it's easy to fall in this category. I can't pay a lawyer to maintain a private website.

@AzureKingfisher I suppose I should have been more clear -- I don't think people should be shamed for not hosting their own things, or having their own website. Not everyone even wants to, or has the time/money/opportunity. I just feel like things are stacked heavily against *not* doing it right now (your situation an example?) and that limits the diversity of the internet, and therefore weakens its virtues.

@AzureKingfisher Let me try one more time: things are stacked heavily towards *not* hosting your own site right now.

I'm having trouble typing it out, obviously! Sorry.

@erosdiscordia I just wanted to add to that. I think we lost a lot of self published websites and blogs.

@AzureKingfisher @erosdiscordia Yeah, in addition to that I also noticed quite a lot of Blogs shutting down, because #GDPR started and a lot of private bloggers were really unsure about how to implement it.

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