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What happened today, to me, goes beyond instance drama and into the heart of what makes the left weak and vulnerable. And yes, I said weak and vulnerable. Because right now the revolution we want is still nascent. That's why we understandably want to protect it.

But this ain't it, comrades. Some of what I saw on the Fediverse tonight didn't look like the judgment of people who could sustain a revolution in the world as it is today.

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Note to friends and potential followers!

It's okay to boost my words or selfies. But I am 40, and some of my content is NSFW, so I'd rather you be 18+ to follow. Thanks.

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@vance It's somewhere between a "sex-drugs-and-mind-control" space opera throwback, and a psychologically complex LGBTQ coming-of-age story about overcoming trauma through the power of scientific invention and found family.

My MC is 23, a spaceship navigation engineer who just graduated university, and while he's putting off deciding between two job offers, he gets involved in his brother's biological experiments...


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...With the help of the MC's girlfriend and their best friend, the four of them end up inventing something that catches the attention of basically the galactic government, which is slowly turning fascist.

Over the course of the 5-book series, he accidentally helps cause a war, and has to go through a whole *lot* of weirdness to end it.

There's battles and such, but mainly it's about love, and science, and ethics, and sex.


A worker-owned, anti-capitalist streaming service has emerged -

The sense of justice and equality, the love of liberty and of human brotherhood -- these fundamentals of the real regeneration of society -- the communist state suppressed to the point of extermination.
-- Emma Goldman

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whenever someone hosts a new instance this place turns into a somehow gayer version of West Side Story with everyone flying their colors, ready to go to war over a domain name

that being said, snap snap spin Radtown jazz hands

The Forbes 400 list is basically a list of the worst 400 people alive, in order

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It's been kind of an awful day, does anyone have anything nice they'd like to share? animal pics, interesting facts, something that makes you happy

I need a word for that thing where I realize I have a meeting in 10 minutes, but that's 10 whole minutes to fill, so I end up doing something that distracts me, and I forget about the meeting, and then I'm late.

It's probably ADHD I guess.

Oh hey, this toot is an example of this very phenomenon. I have a meeting in 10 minutes.

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My business card, sir.

*reaches in jacket pocket, pulling out a laminated business card*

*you take it, noticing the lenticular hologram of me next to my name*

*rotating the card back and forth produces a short animation of me simultaneously swigging a beer and getting paddled on the ass by an unseen opponent*

If the boss is coming by, you can always rub the top of your keyboard lightly to make it sound like you're working


The hen had few desires; to grow fat on grubs and grains, to keep eggs warm and to soar through the clouds.
She excelled at the first two, but her flying efforts, though determined, were limited. Still,she managed to reach many of the highest treetops and rocky outcrops, further than the rest of the flock.

During her highest flight, she found a cliffside cave with a nest cradling two cooling eggs. Without hesitation she began to brood.

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Idea for a horror movie, a golf octopus that lives in the water hazard and keeps eating the rich assholes that are hoarding all the land and resources.

The octopus also plays golf at night.

This is really more of a comedy now that I think about it.

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guy who invented capitalism: hey everyone I just invented a new economic system called--

fediverse, which somehow already exists: NO! [smashes capitalism on the floor]

] are people born with a gender?


sometimes they don't have a gender.

sometimes they have two genders, or three genders, or over eight million three hundred eighty eight thousand six hundred eight genders.

] can people change their gender?

no. the genders you're born with are the ones you have your entire life.

] but what about--

renaming a gender does not alter it. if the name you're calling a gender doesn't feel accurate, change it. it's still the same gender. it's still your gender.

Good thing there are no traffic cameras in space! Astronomers found a pulsar hurtling through space at nearly 2.5 million miles an hour — so fast it could travel the distance between Earth and the Moon in just 6 minutes. Learn more about this discovery: .

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