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Periodic reminder that if you would like me to not follow your account, it's ok to DM me and tell me so, or to use the block button.

I don't carry hard feelings, and believe in the right to curate who you're followed by, as well as who you follow. 🌻

i really admire folks who go full-on obsessive geek about niche subjects, and being able to witness their passion gives me life

thank you, nerds. i love you

there's some sort of physics fuckery goin on with my desk

if there's a cup of tea on it, and i kick the leg of the desk or nudge it with my knee or something, even a tiny lil nudge, the tea will begin to swish around in the mug as you'd expect, but the swishiness INCREASES over time, and after a few seconds it will start splashing over the edges and spill over my desk, then it continues to splash MORE before it starts to subside

tldr i need a tuned mass damper for my desk

Dear LGBT allies: when someone comes out at work, "you're so brave" is kind of a bad response, and "you're so brave what with all the [list of things]" is a *really* bad response. It takes a lot of courage to come out; don't remind people of the things that already made it hard.

I'd like to point out that I've never actually seen the 1996 Romeo and Juliet (with Claire Danes), and it didn't feel like that anyway. It felt like a Pratchett book. In an alternate future, that still had big camcorders. One of which was rigged as a bomb.

I dreamed I speed-read a novel by Sir Terry Pratchet, entitled "Justice", which to the best of my knowledge doesn't exist.

It was an amazing story of ethically star-crossed teenage lovers in a low-fi futuristic setting that resembled the mid-90s. There were lots of explosions, including that of an entire high school theatre production

And the ending was so twistedly, romanticaly ironic that I cried in the dream, reading it...twice.

@jackdaw_ruiz @balrogboogie This set has my brrrsona in it!

I also notice it was a year ago today, weirdly enough.

What a terrible day. Lots of people are mad at me for doing what I was told by their manager to do. And he's egging them on, it seems like.

Please tell me wonderful news. Or just news about crazy things in uspol today.

Thousands of years from now, alien archeologists will be digging through the remains of human civilization. "What do you think killed them off?" "It appears to have been a 'gender reveal announcement'."

This was for @robotcarsley and @twistylittlepassages , but hey! It applies to everyone. Please reach out, lovelies.

See, thank you for sharing that with me! For all the things you've told me about. It's not like I'm ever happy to hear a friend has seen troubled patches. But god, the ridiculous burden of shame and aloneness and keeping-it-inside that we're all programmed to require of ourselves! It's horrible, it's toxic! Please always reach out, too, to me or to someone.

It does help to unburden this shit. And it's not all shit, it's my life. Awesome stuff gets tangled up in the dark, that we wouldn't see if we didn't let it out.

I have been unlucky that many people who have formerly filled my life, including most intimately, did make it clear they felt burdened by pretty much any interpersonal efforts. They weren't all that great of folks (understatement). The gift you all are giving me is to know most people in this world aren't like that at all. Most people want connection. It's changed my life, like finally coming over to the human race.

the 588th Night Witches were a squad of russian bomber women who earned their name Nachthexen from the nazis because they would fly by night, turn off their goddamn engines to swoop in their outdated planes (often crop-dusters), whoosh over the target making this amazing sudden "witch's broom" RRSSSSH sound and manually eject bombs on german targets. they sometimes used their chart pencils as eyeliner and did not use radios and minimal metal so they couldn't be detected. No parachutes, no nothin. fuckin' ride or die. Marina Raskova assembled and trained this all-female team of fighters, many of whom were rewarded prestigious medals and in total over thirty thousand missions were completed. Thirty pilots were lost. They were hated and feared by the nazis who would receive high honors if they could actually take down one of the Night Witches and also assumed they had been experimented on so they could see in the dark. uh sorry, douchebags. but the witches are just better than you.

just thinking about photographs from before affection and physical contact between men became heavily socially stigmatized

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