In what previously the murderously sexist reactionary group ISIL had declared its "capital city", al-Raqqa, liberated a year ago by YPG/J and other allies in SDF,
the women have already begun the activities for the "International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women" in 6 days.

Good news are rare nowadays, but this is immensely good! :-)

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I’m on my lunch break on this sunny Monday, swinging on the swing set in the park next to my office, listening to Bedouine, and the whole experience feels very @selontheweb

literally anyone else: HELP!!! the government is making it illegal for me to exist
cishet white men: yes, but they misspell my name at starbucks a lot which is also pretty bad. we've all got problems

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Boys who can call forth the Old Ones?
Best tongues game, hands down.

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think its a bean juice and round sugary treat kind of morning

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Real talk: I'm pretty curious how many people on this site would consider themselves guys who are into guys (exclusively OR leaning that way).

I feel like there are fewer on Masto than other orientations. Just curious, if you wanna share.

*trying to find cookie recipes online*
'My grandfather was a man of few words. Every Tuesday night we'd visit his house and-'
*scroll scroll*
[12 huge photos of cookies]
*scroll scroll*
'Back then, there were fewer owls'
*scroll scroll*
[6 macro shots of cookies]
*scroll scroll*
'We returned to Birmingham the next day. Of course, this was before Granny's tits fell off-'
*scroll scroll*
*over halfway down the page now*
[5 more cookie pics]
'1. Fuck into a bowl
2. On tray put th
3. Hot'

@JohnBrownJr I unironically agree with this. Aspects of Communism should be implemented to create a basic living "wage" (if we even keep the idea of money). Automate everything and stop pretending we can't. Aspects of Libertarianism and Anarchism should be adhered to in order to prevent the gushy, emotional liberals from enabling evil totalitarian leaders who promise safety. We should all be free to do what we want, if it doesn't harm. Capitalism is the greatest enemy to both sides.

"In reality, the end of civilization has been clinically established for a century, and countersigned by events... the catastrophe there in front of us, and that has been there for a long time, from the catastrophe that we are, the catastrophe that the West is. That catastrophe is existential, affective, and metaphysical first of all. It resides in Western man’s incredible estrangement from the world, an estrangement that demands, for example, that he become the master and possessor of nature."

"The falsity of the entire Western apocalyptic consists in projecting onto the world the mourning we’re not able to do in regard to it. It’s not the world that is lost, it’s we who have lost the world and go on losing it. It’s not the world that is going to end soon, it’s we who are finished, amputated, cut-off, we who refuse vital contact with the real in a hallucinatory way. The crisis is not economic, ecological, or political, <i> the crisis is above all that of presence </i>."

New here! Checking things out.

Queer Berliner (originally from Seattle USA) -- follow me for the typical mix of urban nerd: transit, bikes, boardgames, data visualization, house x techno, etc!! #introduction

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