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There's not a single worthwhile thing transphobes and homophobes can do, that queer people can't do better.

We can write better stories.

We can lead with more heart.

We can understand other groups and nations with more compassion.

We can build more ethical businesses.

We don't need them. And we're not second-best.

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Periodic reminder that if you would like me to not follow your account, it's ok to DM me and tell me so, or to use the block button.

I don't carry hard feelings, and believe in the right to curate who you're followed by, as well as who you follow. 🌻

“Pistols at dawn”

“Cuddles at dawn?”

“PISTOLS at dawn”

“Snuggles at dawn?”


“Breakfast in bed?”

Just two bros chillin on the dueling ground

Five feet apart cause they’re not? gay???

Oh no!?!

If I’ve thrown away my sword, what will I use to lift his chin so I can say something sinister?!?

Lol jkjkjk of course I’m gonna kill’re my nemesis


Fellas is it gay to defeat your nemesis in a duel, and then stand over him, breathing hard, and throw away your sword?

bragging, Masto meetup 

I won't be satisfied until tech hardware design starts to look like this again.

and yeah, since @technomancy mentioned it, part of this unease of mine w.r.t. programming language library code distribution comes from me coming from a placetime where we were offline more than online and code was added to projects as files, manually from local sources.

pls stop with general purpose programming languages with tooling that requires network connectivity to do basic programming tasks. it is literally the worst.

The only anime I'm interested in. 

Tech security reminder: your typewriter ribbon is a keystroke logger.

Selfie; eye contact 

Finally got around to seeing a couple episodes of The Untamed and wow.. they made that shit extra gay, like dudes looking into one another’s eyes with hands squeezing each others wrists while an air machine blows wind through their long flowing hair gay

When a lot of queer and trans people shifted here back in August 2018 from Twitter, i commented that this was probably the first public social network that had this amount of trans people discussing things openly and safely alongside cis people and how groundbreaking that was in terms of normalising our experiences for all involved.

I still think this is the case today, which is why i feel its important we need to all collectively try our best to steer things here towards the positive.

trans anger 

The Zora Canon, a list of the 100 greatest books ever written by African American women, selected by African American women:

(I have not read nearly enough of these.)

Haven't heard of any problems here in RVA so far.

Delighted with this 28-degree weather, though. Let the fash freeze their asses off.

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