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It's okay to boost my words or selfies. But I am 40, and some of my content is NSFW, so I'd rather you be 18+ to follow. Thanks.

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@vance It's somewhere between a "sex-drugs-and-mind-control" space opera throwback, and a psychologically complex LGBTQ coming-of-age story about overcoming trauma through the power of scientific invention and found family.

My MC is 23, a spaceship navigation engineer who just graduated university, and while he's putting off deciding between two job offers, he gets involved in his brother's biological experiments...


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...With the help of the MC's girlfriend and their best friend, the four of them end up inventing something that catches the attention of basically the galactic government, which is slowly turning fascist.

Over the course of the 5-book series, he accidentally helps cause a war, and has to go through a whole *lot* of weirdness to end it.

There's battles and such, but mainly it's about love, and science, and ethics, and sex.


Filling my house with carnival mirrors so that robbers have too much fun and can't bring themselves to rob me

*puts my contact lens in all in one motion without any saline leaking*

*Hacker voice*: I'm in

@erosdiscordia Someone else cannot assign you the educational song in your heart. You must look within.

Your schoolhouse rocksona is you if you starred in a folk-rock song dedicated to teaching children a concept

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the fediverse but it's a mid-to-late 90's space opera show

@erosdiscordia @illnessideology HARD agree. Her death felt like forced pathos and I hated it. It was arbitrary and she deserved to lead Zion

@erosdiscordia my favorite “auteur story” is that when Welles was faced with a similar situation with Kane (blank check basically) any time a studio exec showed up on set he would get out a baseball and gloves and toss the ball around with the crew until they left. Now, Welles was eventually run out of Hollywood and died in effective obscurity, but he made *his* movie.

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This week’s best read: “We know what their world looks like: abundance for the few, precarity and impoverishment for the rest of us.

But there are other futures, other worlds as yet unmade. We have only to choose ours, and to fight like hell for it.”

If you could re-write one movie or TV show plot line, what would it be and why?

this community is good. you are all good eggs.

Ok so one of the fyre fest organizers walked into a customs office and tried to suck dick instead of paying a fine.

Lord give me the confidence of a man that thinks he can give a $175k blowjob.

I actually have been working! ive just also been knitting, working on peoples very late gifts @_@
I will be doing more of these with different rats and different animals!

as with the others, you can purchase #stickers or clothing at
#rat #fancyrat #mastoart #lgbt #queer #gay #lesbian #bisexual #asexual #redbubble

"are you amab or afab ?"

"i'm ahab and i'm gonna kill this fucking whale"

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