imagine being the first ship captain to go through the suez after it gets unblocked, and knowing that you have the power to do the single funniest thing that anyone has ever done. would you be able to resist that temptation?

3D animation of a guy with a suitcase walking into a building. The building wobbles and splits into two identical buildings. A copy of the guy walks out of each building and starts making out with himself. This is how the economy works

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just a normal Saturday evening in the start-up nation

The pic the Intercept made for the Amazon article is absolutely incredible

if u zoom into the top left u can see the stuck ship. also ps. the ship thats stuck is as long as the empire state building is tall

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Just been followed by a follow bot that doesn't honour #nobot hashtags from a Pleroma instance with no ToS. The admin account listed is boosting a ton of Nazi shit and things tagged with 4chan, so probs block it into the sun.
The admin account: NEETzsche@
The follow bot:
No ToS:

it's my understanding that "Richard Stallman" is a nom de guerre, created as a tribute to his father, who shit himself to death in a public bathroom


Posted this in a reply but here it is again. How to fill out the UK 2021 census independently from your household without them being able to see

nonsensical debates about who is and isn't "a cop" or "a landlord" pure reflection of the moralising ethic according to which the impetus for all political discourse is portioning off whose soul can be saved and whose cannot

there's this YouTube channel where a cat named Billi has buttons that say words when they're pressed and whenever she presses "food" and her human says "I'll feed you later" she goes over to the "mad" button and presses it half a dozen times

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Kickstarter is hosting a product that parents of neurdiverse children are supposed to stick on their child's back.

That device will then beep every 8 seconds which is supposed to help the child to focus.

As a neurodiverse person, I can tell you that this device would not only ruin every chance of me focusing on anything, being forced to wear it would make me kill myself. I am not exaggerating here.

This is one of the worst forms of torture aimed directly at neurodiverse people I could imagine.

Here's a petition to stop the sale of this:

I doubt the petition will do much but the campaign does explicitly break a rule on kickstarter banning the sale of medical devices so maybe reporting it (it is linked in the petition) might help.

I got my first dose of the Pfizer vaccine today, and although there was a line out the door, people in line actively pushed wheelchair users and elderly people ahead, encouraging them to cut the line. If you think "HUMANS ARE INHERENTLY SELFISH" or some such tripe, consider this: your brain has been completely fucked by capitalism, a system that not only robs people materially, but impoverishes them even of the opportunities to show kindness to one another. Humans are very often inherently altruistic.

a second gender reveal has struck the south tower

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My friend just sent me this and I cracked up

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