A white: Hey do you want to hear about the cognitive biases that make us all terrible people ?* 😊
Me: Like the defensiveness that makes you ignore the brutal history of dehumanization and exploitation underlying racism? Or the cognitive bias that makes you want to justify your own terrible treatment of people by making up reasons why they're bad and deserve it?
The white: Uh no... actually I meant ones that prove racism is just science and part of human nature to make me feel better.
Me: Dude I can read literally centuries of race science and eugenics if I wanted pseudoscientific justifications for racism, why settle for the watered-down version? 🤭

* Yes this is the actual title of a blog post about racism help me Jesus

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If anyone in the USA is using the Affordable Care Act 2021 enrollment begins on November 1st - December 15th



what the fuck is a republican dress code

How To Funnel Taxpayers Money Through Companies Headquartered In Tax Havens Under The Guise Of "PPE Contracts", a guide by The British Conservative And Unionist Party

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"They say the Soviet proletariat dictatorship will guarantee equal material conditions for the people, but without freedom what difference is there between such equality and a prison where every prisoner gets equal rations? Humanity must of course be equal, but they must also be guaranteed freedom on top of equality. Whether called a struggle for independence or revolution, what value is there in a movement that lacks this crucial condition?"

- Lee Hoe-yeong, Korean anarchist and independence fighter. His family, one of the richest in #Korea at the time, used their entire wealth for the independence struggle. Five of the six brothers, including Hoe-yeong, died resisting Japanese rule. #history #anticolonialism #politics

Sharing my opinion, for once (Trans-related murder in Italy) 


This happened last week, very close to where I live. This article got some facts wrong (they were not going to marry, they just wanted to move in together), but it's the best english source I could find.

My followers should know it by now, I tend not to comment on the news here. This time, I couldn't help myself.

The following is a piece I've written during a sleepless night, I'm not sleeping that well since it happened.

If you have a couple of minutes, or are (for some reason) interested in what I have to say, give it a go.

Here goes.


We are currently living in the great hat-less era. Every other phase of human history can be roughly categorized by the nature of the hats that are the norm. But not today, not since roughly the 50s where suddenly no one has been bothering wearing hats as part of every day fashion. You may see baseball / trucker hats in occasional use, but anything else would be a noticeable outlier. Many of the types of hat once popular would now get you mocked for being a weirdo if you dared don it.

I don't know what any of this means, and I don't know what prompted me to notice all of this.

selfcare.tech: "Do you have a small daily ritual? Something you do just for you?"

me: *raises knife over altar* YOG SOTHOTH NEBLOD ZIN


I think jt is incorrect to say that film bros dont have any sex. film bros have plenty of absolutely terrible sex

possibly stupid fedi question: if you move to a new instance, does the "moved to $newinstance" redirect on your old profile propagate to your older accounts?

perhaps more clearly, if I was on instance A and migrate to B, my old profile on A points to B. If I then move to C, is my old profile on A updated to point to C?

step into the Reply Guy Dome!

two guys enter!

several more guys enter!

uspol, fascists and principles 

when people say “republicans have no principles” because mcconnell says one thing and does another, they miss the nature of principle. it isn’t in word but in deed that a spine lives, and there you’ll find mcconnell’s dedication: to power.

a fascist believes in nothing but power, in its acquisition and adjudication according to a hierarchy that favors them. they will say anything and do anything in the pursuit of power, and to that principle the fascist is devoted.

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