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I am but a fool in cat ears, my bells jingle jangle softly as I chuckle at jokes about gender

Dumb lewd nerd joke 

Two guys frotting at the particle accelerator, call that a hardon collider

I'm gnot a gnelf! I'm gnot a gnoblin!
I'm a GNU/Linux reply guy!
And you've been, GNOMED!

Why don't you make like onions in a pan and caramelize

I'm, excited?? For physical exercise today?? The fuck happened? Climbing is some cool shit

normalize kissing friends tbh (with consent obviously)

During the month of Halloween, NSFW stands for Nosfewatu

if u needed someone to tell u its ok to kill fascists i can be that person

mining cobalt? no thanks, I'd rather have pining kobolds!

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