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Whenever I talk about breaking DRM, I'm just joking. I'd never do anything like that, and I'd certainly never recommend that anyone download libdvdcss (which I've heard can be installed with apt-get using libdvd-pkg, or with dnf by enabling rpmfusion-free-release-tainted) to crack DVD DRM in a country where that kind of thing is illegal.

I may be severely depressed but at least I look sexy and gay as heck in plaid shirts


lewd, cursed 

(incomplete) list of gay things:
β€’ cowboys
β€’ frogs
β€’ me!!!
β€’ the person reading this

as i take three different pronouns β€” she, they, xe β€” it might be a bit confusing to decide which to use. the answer is you should always use the pronoun that makes you most uncomfortable to refer to me. thank you

If I lie very still and don't move, maybe the depression will not see me today

Remember that demons are probably very tired after their big night last night so if you're going to do a summoning today make sure to have a mug of coffee for them. It's only polite.

every person who stands up against fascism is braver than any cop, and you can prove that because they're on the other side protecting the fucking fascists

The werewolf held a pumpkin shaped bucket. In it's massive paws it appeared comically small .

"Twick o' tweat? Oh, um, and no chockit, pwease."

I looked up at their puppy eyes, just visible below my door frame.

Beside them, a vampire dressed as a cheerleader rolled his eyes; behind them both a barely corporeal ghost struggled to keep their sheet on.

"Is... a tummy rub a treat?"

The werewolf's tail knocked over all my jack-o-lanterns.

#TootFic #MicroFiction #Writing #TerylsTales #Paranormal

I may be severely depressed but at least I look sexy and gay as heck in plaid shirts

If you wanna be a girl you can just be a girl
If you wanna be a boy you can just be a boy
If you wanna be neither or both or some of them sometimes you can just be neither of both or some of them sometimes


If you wanna be my lover, you GOTTA get with my friends

a good perk about having many names is that whenever you have some meme going around where you put your name into a thing and it gives you amusing results based on a hash, you can just give it all of your names and curate whichever result is best

fucked up that gengar and alakazam evolve by trading, i feel like they're both the kinda thing a kid with no friends would be really into

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