did not expect to find a good good star wars meme up in the among us memes but sure, yeah,

Preemptive block suggestion 

Got a follow from @carrabelloy @club.darknight-coffee.org. I don't speak German but I recognize enough from this profile to know that it's bad news and I suggest you block the instance.

Preemptive block suggestion 

@Aleums the fact that this guy is a self-proclaimed "friend of the german language" while simultaneously rambling barely coherent in his blog posts is the cherry on top of the shit-shake

@schratze @amandag some advancement has been made in the past 10 or 15 years but from what I understand, that's more due to enhanced instruction sets and specialized computing units
Imo, the focus should instead be on creating more power-efficient computers

medium take: normalize cisgender people using they/them, Mx., etc. iff they want -- it's not like there are enough of *us* to make it a thing

*dozes on a sofa and makes a mrrp sound when you surprise me in my slumber

i know i know, let this radicalize you instead of leading you to despair, but i've been radicalized for a while now :/

@andi @goat honestly, I keep far away from grindr, at least okcupid has some semblance of blocking out men

@schratze the best part is he's now fucking terrified of speaking in public.
Punching nazis works!

I just remembered that one time Dick Spencer got sucker punched while talking about his Pepe frog pin, that was a beautiful sight

Good morning my forearms hurt.
I should've stopped with the climbing after that poor guy broke his arm, but I was afraid I'd never want to try again if I hadn't right then

I may not agree with the virus but I would die for its right to infect me

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@aoife found it, and I'll do you one better, trans catgirl with trans orc warrior queen. Warning: very kinky archiveofourown.org/works/1476

wow just imagine what if bald rich man had power over government policy wouldn't that be cool


Psffhfg there's a fucking liberal "resist" type instance I'm gonna shit my pants lmao

@aoife fuck I think I read some OC fic on AO3 about these characters

Hello new people!

Mastodon can be confusing. Trust me, I understand. I am tech illiterate.

Think of mastodon like a city. You can go anywhere in the city, as long as the roads are open.

Your instance, the url you used to log in, is your neighborhood. I, for example, live in the elekk neighborhood. I am one of the mayors of the elekk neighborhood.

In the neighborhood, we're all close. We can tell out the windows at each other on the Local timeline. I can hear you even if we aren't best friends because we're on Local together. It is just a thing that happens since we're close. I might choose to be your friend because I hear you playing my favorite game at 2 am and feel that's a conversation starter.

I can go to other neighborhoods. I can EASILY talk to my friends in the next neighborhood over. If I want to annoy flowless, I can annoy him on myasstodon.xyz. since it's the same city, just a different neighborhood. I don't have to leave elekk, I can just do that.

I can have a group of all of my neighbors and city dwellers I like (Lists). I can follow my friends around the city and they will show up in my Home feed, like I'm following them on Snapchat or Find my Friends.

Now, if I notice a neighborhood is being a little shit, and isn't stopping fash or is being racist or is just being really fucking annoying, I can destroy the road between my neighborhood and theirs (suspend). Or I can hide the exit sign (silence).

Or if it's just one person, I can hide their apartment (silence) or deprogram their gps (suspend).

If I'm feeling especially brave, which I never do, I can go to the Federated timeline that shows me every single persons posts all at once, like I'm using a Spy Jammer. (That is, except the posts that are Unlisted, which is like using a VPN)

I can DM people, or groups of people (but I gotta be careful if I'm talking about someone else, because they could get added to the dm if I don't remove the @)

Also, the report function works. As an admin, I can promise you I get a notification and have tools at my disposal to deal with bad actors.

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