Car shit 

Ayyyy my new wheel bearings, brake disks, and pads should come tomorrow, maybe I can even do my tomorrow!

The next thing on the list for is a wheel bearing on my car that's been getting loud over the last 20k km
Thankfully it's attached with bolts and not a press fit, so it should be relatively easy to do with the tools at my disposal
If anyone is interested, I can make a detailed post about it once I get around to the swap

Hrrrr I have to take out the starter battery to replace the reverse light switch on my gearbox
I can't find any tutorials for my specific gearbox, only cars with the 6-speed one
Until I replace it, I don't have a reverse light or pdc
Who decided to put it there anyway?

I feel like this falls under so I'm gonna post about it:
Today I replaced the xenon arc lamps in my car. I had one broken but replaced both, because when one goes out, the other one would likely burn out soon after. This has the added benefit that the new ones "burn in" at the same time, since the brightness and color shift a bit from completely fresh to a couple hours in. Thankfully getting out the headlights is pretty easy on my car. I could carry them into the basement where I didn't sweat _as_ much while trying to undo the ring that fixes the lamp to the mount inside the headlights.

If you ever replace the lamps in your headlights, always be cautious to not touch the glass with your bare hands! Oils from your skin can burn into the glass under the heat of the lamp and in the best case reduce brightness, in the worst case crack the glass.
Always make sure to check your elevation as well, don't blind oncoming traffic like some sort of asshole!

I've got xubuntu 20.04 running on my repaired laptop. Give me suggestions for other, preferably uncommon/whacky OSs I could run on a dual core Celeron with 2GB of RAM

IT'S ALIVE! New panel just came in, now I got a fully functional laptop!

In related () news, I brought my sister's phone back to life and saved her going through data recovery for probably double the money I paid for a new screen. Without a screen you can't export your photos to a new phone and you can't chose the USB mode if you want to save them to your computer. Lots of photos of her missing cat on there.

I fixed the backlight after taking another look at the panel. Ther was a ribbon cable not connected to a ZIF header. The black plastic wrap around the bottom had also been cut away in the front, so the same person that fumbled with the display cable probably had a go at that as well.
Too bad it's simply a white screen now, no image. I hope it's really just the panel and not the board that is borked. Otherwise that would've been a pricy investment in a 1366x768 panel and a 500G HDD.
I'm gonna start tagging my repair stuff with now.

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