Я эст на моя кровать или я учу русский. Я меня есть тату каштановый. Эсть моя гитара.

We have a marquee board for the not-yet-existing flat now

Aided by the power of a fuckton of ginger, I will kick cold season's

I hope all my nonbinary siblings have a great !
:heart_nb: :heart_gq: :heart_genderfluid: :heart_agender: :heart_trans: :heart_demiboy: :heart_bigender: :heart_demigirl:
(Selfie, ec, boosts welcome :BoostOK:)

This one especially, from a cat cafe in Hamburg. His name is Newman and I would kill for him

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Hope you're having a nice :ancomheart: here's a throwback to November when a friend and I climbed onto an abandoned crane in Hamburg (selfie, ec :BoostOK:)

Idk if my energy on masto confirms these but I find them to be accurate
CN top/bottom meme-ry

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