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I hope all my nonbinary siblings have a great !
:heart_nb: :heart_gq: :heart_genderfluid: :heart_agender: :heart_trans: :heart_demiboy: :heart_bigender: :heart_demigirl:
(Selfie, ec, boosts welcome :BoostOK:)

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Hey you,

Yes you, the person reading this right now

Go listen to Petrol Girls

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If you are interested in any of the following, let me know and we can yell about it together:

- stick and poke tattoos
- playing in a punk band (while queer) and hating your voice but also it's just about good enough for punk
- feminist punk bands
- knitting
- still not being over Warehouse 13

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Trans men? :valid:
Trans women? :valid:
Nonbinary people? :valid:
Gays? :valid:
Lesbians? :valid:
Bisexuals? :valid:
Pansexuals? :valid:
Aro/ace people? :valid:
Queer people who use other words to describe themselves? :valid:

Cishets? You can stay but you're on thin fucking ice.

Violence but against fascists so it's good 

Sexual violence 

Hhh distracting myself from the fact that I have two more days of work at my old job by learning russian is... Working for the moment..

you know those memes where people edited games covers to have all sorts of labels on them like "featuring dante from the devil may cry series" and "& Knuckles" and "New Funky Mode" and all that


I found one they were missing

lofi hip hop beats to commit arson/cuddle to

Introducing, Anarchism! An honest pitch:

"Its no social panacea, but neither is coercion."

"Won't inherently solve anything, but at least its not making it worse like hierarchies do."

"Karen might still be an anti-vaxxer, but generally conspiracy theorists are gonna have a harder time finding imaginary sources of collusion to blame things on."

"Teachers show your kids how to solve problems and cultivate a community instead of just following orders. May still wanna check on what they're getting taught, though."

"Still gotta do organized work to some extent, but at least your bosses actually have to contribute for once. And everyone can agree to try to work less, or make work easier and more enjoyable."

"Take a nap, you're not on the clock."

"You don't have to justify your continued existence to anyone."

"No ads. Just bulletins. Might still pester you sometimes, but at least its not products in your face."

"Still gonna have to deal with the climate crisis and change a few habits, but at least extremely stubborn and manipulative corporations and governments aren't what need to be malleable to change course."

"No police" (this has no downside)

#anarchism :ancom:

solidarity is action, contribution, or at least rebroadcasting, not just another way of saying "I'm sending my thoughts and prayers"

kids are great because you can tell them that one guy has more money than it would take to feed the entire world or that there’s more empty homes than houseless people and they understand why that is absurd and evil.

anarchy shitpost 

@emberr you're a lichenfolk butcher! your affinity for decay led you to learning how to dismantle things into their tastiest component parts.

I live in a country

- where refugee children are put in prisons
- where corporations fund climate change denial
- where cops murder men of color and lie about it
- where weapons exports is a powerful industry
- where corrupt politicians make secret deals with oil companies
- where it is legal for agencies to mass-collect data of people not connected to any crime
- with some of the highest levels of CCTV per sq/km in the world

ya know.. the Netherlands.

a few sources:

My point here obviously isn’t ‘the Netherlands is the worst place in the world world’,
it’s ‘stop pretending all this shit is a US thing instead of a widespread capitalism + colonialism and white supremacy thing'.
Don't let people hold up European countries as 'the good ones', they're really really not.

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the meatropolis is my blog's greatest hits

for folk, we've got:
mutant humans

for callings, we've got

it's all my favorite creations in one giant meaty corpse!

[to my commanding officer] yOu hAvE viOlAteD tHe pRIme DiRecTiVe mee mee mee that's what you sound like

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