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Trans men? :valid:
Trans women? :valid:
Nonbinary people? :valid:
Gays? :valid:
Lesbians? :valid:
Bisexuals? :valid:
Pansexuals? :valid:
Aro/ace people? :valid:
Queer people who use other words to describe themselves? :valid:

Cishets? You can stay but you're on thin fucking ice.

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Whaddup this is an introduction, I heard people do these around here 

How I will spend my saturday: Help my sister move, pick up new furniture, build stuff, give a cat some pets

How I will spend my sunday: poke pigment into my dermis in the shape of the symbol of Ceres, watch Letterkenny.

this is the perfect place and time for my specific combination of degrees. by the power of cognitive science and queer studies i will make all the robots gay

What I look forward to most of all about helping my sister move? Getting to see her cat. Such a sweet, sweet, dumb orange boy.

Is wishing for electrolysis for Christmas from your parents too much? Asking for me cuz I wanna yeet these fucclicles out of my face asap

Kuranosuke is the best boy, pls watch Princess Jellyfish, it's so cute ahhhh!

oh right im super pretty (selfie, ec, boost to spread my visage to the eyes of swooning gay girls everywhere)

*logs on *
*sees posts about cesspool *
Ah, we're making fun of some insensitive asshat again? Right on!

*lou bega voice*

a little baby yoda in my life
a little baby yoda by my side
a little baby yoda is all I need
a little baby yoda is what I see
a little baby yoda in the sun
a little baby yoda all night long
a little baby yoda here I am
a little bit of mandolorian... HUH!!

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