Cw: depression 

And I don't have any one to vent to. If I complain to her it will just make her feel terrible because she can't even do her job right now. If I complain to other people her employer might find out.

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Cw: depression 

My partner is dealing with depression and it's making it so that she can't work. She's a teaching assistant and needs to grade a bunch of exams, and she's had weeks to do it and never even started.

The end result is that I spent all weekend doing all her grading for her. Stayed up working on it until 5am last night. I know it's not her fault, and I guess it's not the school's fault, but it was a shitty situation that has made my life harder.

@benjancewicz same kind of people that cry because someone called them mayonnaise boy

@georgespolitzer I thought you were actually supposed to hate the characters. was that not the intention?

Earthbound is a good video game. But... Is it the only good video game?

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My partner told one of her female friends that she had a complex about her height and her friend said that she shouldn't and her height was no big deal.

So... Don't do that. When someone tells you something like that, don't invalidate their feelings by telling them it's nothing.

I've only been awake for a few hours and I'm already drunk. Is that bad? To be fair, it's Sunday and I spent all week dealing with immigration/visa stuff.

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The Fundamental Failure-Mode Theorem: complex systems usually operate in a failure mode.

@skelltan @geet he's had some takes about how poor rural people deserve their terrible fate under capitalism because they're more likely to vote republican or whatever, and that's bordered on "these stupid people deserve to die"

how long until they develop a crypto currency that is powered exclusively by weird nerds over-explaining block chain to people who clearly aren't interested and are trying to signal they want to get out of the conversation?

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@skelltan @geet he's like mirror universe the quartering. weird middle aged guy obsessed with children's media and has bad politics, but instead of social conservative reactionary he's a shitlib

In Civilization IV you need to develop the "fascism" technology to build Mt Rushmore

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"socialism is when the government does stuff i don't like; freedom is when the government does stuff i do like"

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