Earthbound is a good video game. But... Is it the only good video game?

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My partner told one of her female friends that she had a complex about her height and her friend said that she shouldn't and her height was no big deal.

So... Don't do that. When someone tells you something like that, don't invalidate their feelings by telling them it's nothing.

I've only been awake for a few hours and I'm already drunk. Is that bad? To be fair, it's Sunday and I spent all week dealing with immigration/visa stuff.

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The Fundamental Failure-Mode Theorem: complex systems usually operate in a failure mode.

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how long until they develop a crypto currency that is powered exclusively by weird nerds over-explaining block chain to people who clearly aren't interested and are trying to signal they want to get out of the conversation?

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In Civilization IV you need to develop the "fascism" technology to build Mt Rushmore

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"socialism is when the government does stuff i don't like; freedom is when the government does stuff i do like"

the cat smells bad. he is a smelly cat

cars are bad. I don't want to anymore. one upside of the covid apocalypse is that I haven't had to drive anywhere in ages

staying up late playing Octopath Traveler even though I have a zoom meeting in the morning. what could go wrong

What should I do if I need an exorcism? Can I like book one online? Is it possible to do it with proper social distancing?

I sign my signature with just random scribbles that are different every time and literally no one has ever called me on it

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