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who called it “being a tankie” rather than “xi simping”

I - personally - am quite a fan of Garg, but given their controversial stance as "BDFL" I can't see this toot doing well overall :blobcatbreadpeek:


The intersection of "People who juggle" Vs "People who have a 'soul patch'" is greater than the intersection of "People who juggle" Vs "Juggalos"

Possible confounding variable: Juggalos with Soul Patches (prevalence unknown)

Movies trending on Netflix UK, Xmas day 2020:
- "The Martian" (a film about surviving in extreme isolation)
- "Falling Down" (a film about a worker "going postal" because they can't see their family).


Here's your order of hot wings! (grabs you and does a Brainbuster)

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After the pandemic I'm going to introduce full-contact food delivery: order food and I'll deliver it to your door and then tackle you.

Heading off to the 24 hour garage to buy a last minute emergency gift. 

I thought I had something for everyone who will be at Xmas dinner tomorrow, but it seems like I forgot about Dre.

Actually "Jumanji" refers to the franchise; if you're only talking about one movie, it's a Jumanjus.

I did not consent to watch you whip and nae nae

britpol, coronavirus 

More details on the new variant of #coronavirus in the #UK, named VUI202012/01.

@garfiald "Twitter? Federation? Cottagecore? Mate that must have been a proper bash on the head. Get a shift on, me Gav and John are meeting these birds we've been chatting up on Beebo"

sometimes i think about how terracotta just means cooked dirt and it fucks me up

i believe Richard Dawkins converted to Christianity after seeing two dogs sixty-nine each other?

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