gave up porn for Lent, and in its place, i reply to every Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez tweet with a pic of the Hot Pocket i just microwaved. My priest tells me this is healthy behavior

@Bashabez A Bashabez post with a typo is 'worth' the same as one without.

So don't spend your time on fixing typos; spend it on creating new Bashabez posts. <3

@Bashabez bigger fish. You *of all people* need to know that,

@citrustwee hey i noticed ur profile still says "19f" even tho it was your bday recently so u should update??

Screaming "HACK THE PLANET!" out my window at 3 am until the cops come, at which point I pelt them with old RAM sticks.


Surgery Livestream 

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Surgery Livestream 

Bill Gates: King Of Neoliberalism

Explains how he got so rich (spoiler: exploitation), and why donations from rich people are fucking useless.

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