Manchester, like many UK cities, has a sculpture project thingy: Lots of copies of the same fibreglass sculpture, painted by different local artists and placed around the city to represent the spirit of the different localities.

Our sculptures are bees, because Manchester has a long history of being a socialist city.

I thought you guys might like to see my locality's bee. It's been there for about 2 years now. Amongst other things, it has 'programmer socks'. This is not accidental! Levenshulme is great <3 uwu

capitalist necrovore shit 

Vegan food 

Capitalism is now officially doling out food to me in "handfuls". My transition to horse-like servitude is complete.

I have spare Steam keys if anyone wants a free game. First person to message me with _one_ of the names off this list can have it! :blobcatfingerguns:

Void Bastards WIN / MAC
Duck Game WIN
Adventure Pals WIN / MAC
Primal Carnage WIN
Think of the Children WIN
Frog detective WIN / MAC
Feather WIN
Rising Dusk WIN / MAC
Death Squared WIN / MAC
Paperbark WIN / MAC
Quest of Dungeons WIN / MAC / LINUX
Paper Fire Rookie WIN
Stillness of the Wind WIN / MAC
Masquerade: Baubles of Doom WIN

I randomly remembered the 90's term "Web Master" and thought this would be a mildly humorous term to search for. WTF @DuckDuckGo ??

CW: Image NSFW/censored

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