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prowrestling; gatekeeping 

great episode of alexei sayle's imaginary sandwich bar this.

it's called the year 2019 because when you see it you turn around 2019 degrees and leave

Second time tonight coming up with these lightning-fast , highly topical shitposts. I'm great.

Every third thing out of my mouth is a quote from a cartoon.

I hope I never end up being held in contempt of court or I'm sure I'd blurt out Hot Rod's line from Transformers the Movie: "I have nothing BUT contempt for this court!" Then I'd look around to see if anyone got my reference.

lifehack: google image search for “cool [NOUN] wearing sunglasses” for an instant hit of free dopamine

Today is about as visible as I have ever been on fedi, so please let me take this chance to say: VEGAN IS THE BEST PRAXIS.

Thank you. xox

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