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I was never a big fan of that Deadliest Warrior show, but this was a pretty good episode

Uspol, mildly liberal, birdsite 

I know that it's too little too late, it's just optics for Dorsey, etc, etc, but seeing The Big Fella get his Twitter account permanently suspended is still pretty delicious, and I can't help but chuckle about it.

funniest person who died this week


I *EAT* Breakfast ... for BREAKFAST.

white anger > white guilt. get fucking mad your ancestors were a par of a racist as fuck system, burn that shit down. do something about it, don't just sit there and whip yourself

Grumpy that I'm still in 2020. This is bullshit

For sale : 1 Comrade. Leg slightly stabbed. No returns.

"this is not a bit"

~Lucy approx 2020-ish... maybe 2021

HNY to my US pals.

(We're "Still awake at 5am", this side of the Atlantic.)

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